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July 20th, 2014

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The Home Buyer’s Korner is a content media and social media marketing network for real estate agents, home builders, mortgage lenders, general contractors, and other industry related professionals. We’re creating Google+ communities for page one local ranking on Google search and host local professionals interested in elevating their content and social media presence, by creating a better understanding about home ownership.

You can share your real estate listings and social and content media marketing with your own blog and/or video library and showcase them locally, as well as share your content in our national social media platforms at Google+Facebook and LinkedIn


Original Content: We focus on real estate listings, social,  and content media marketing at real estate social with an original spin, to inspire, enlighten, and engage our local home buyers and sellers who fiquently visit our social networks. 

  1. What Our Blog Followers Are Looking For:  Home buyers are looking for stories related to local cities and neighborhoods with a focus toward home ownership, and why owning a home and raising a family in these areas is a right choice for them. We are also into real estate listings, content, and anything else that inspires home sellers to list with you, our Google+ community member.
  2. Word count: If you enjoy blogging and understand its marketing potential don’t focus on minimum or maximum word count, but the best posts generally stay under 750 words. Posts typically created between 500 and 750 words are best for readers. Videos or image based articles are extremely popular, but recommend you keep any video presentations to three minutes or less.
  3. Tone: Content that is written in inclusive and accessible ways are important and why you should always have a blog to engage a customer base waiting to read what you have to say, and how to achieve the American Dream. Although you can post without a blog, those who use a blog format get a better response, and it’s much easier to create a uniformed call to action. One of the biggest things I want to share with you, is to remember to write for a wide audience. Don’t worry about trying to sound scholarly, as many find this content much more difficult to read. Personality really is OK and encouraged.
  4. We don’t need SEO-driven submissions and we don’t want content that doesn’t line up with our social or content media marketing: That said, feel free to focus your attention on your message; we’ll do the rest. The Home Buyer’s Korner doesn’t post content simply to drive traffic. We have a mission, a goal in mind, and our content reflects it. If you are a freelance writer, we are not interested in content that isn’t in line with our philosophy i.e. gimmicks or market driven pieces.
  5. Posting: Don’t neglect sharing your post throughout our real estate social network, and always remember to begin with a dynamic and engaging business page and profile at all the social networks regularly used.

Exclusive Page One Google Search Posts

In addition to having access to our Google+ communities real estate brokers, agents, and general contractors wishing to have a Page One Google Search link or links in a multitude of keywords can contact us to discuss your marketing. We’ll be happy to help you develop your own social and content media or niche marketing.


We’re using Pinterest to reach out to home buyers. To do this, we have created multiple city Pinterest Boards for our network members. 

Pinterest is a great tool.  We encourage you to access its full potential and welcome any suggestions to improve the experience.

Members are offered unlimited pinning on our local homes for sale board. Please make sure to only share listings related to the appropriate community.

Each board contains a maximum of about 350 pins, help us by periodically removing any sold of inactive listings, or give me a heads about any board that might be getting filled up at instant messenger.


Some of you might need a little support getting your social and content media marketing up and running. If you use or set up either the free or professional versions of WordPress we’re happy to help you get over any bumps that we can.

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