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January 15th, 2016

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Newsom Neighborhood

Nashville, Tennessee

Old Charlotte Pike Nashville TN

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Newsom is a large rural neighborhood located in the far most southwest section of Nashville, Tennessee. The median real estate price in the Newsom neighborhood is $267,931, which is more expensive than 91.5 percent of the neighborhoods in Tennessee and 69.2 percent of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

The average rental price in Newsom is currently $962, and the average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than 70.9 percent of the neighborhoods in Tennessee.

Newsom real estate is primarily made up of medium sized three or four bedroom to small studios to two bedroom single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied. Many of the residences in the Newsom neighborhood are established, but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999, with a number of residences were also built between 2000 to present day.

Newsom has a 13.4 percent vacancy rate, which is well above average compared to other U.S. neighborhoods and higher than 68.7 percent of American neighborhoods. Most vacant housing here is vacant year round. This could be due to large amount of new housing has been built and not yet occupied, but to know more speak with a local real estate agent.

Many things matter about a neighborhood, but the first thing most people notice is the way a neighborhood looks and its particular character. This particular neighborhood in Nashville, the Newsom neighborhood, has some outstanding things about the way it looks and its way of life that are worth highlighting.

Your future neighbors in the Newsom neighborhood of Nashville enjoy upper middle class incomes, and this neighborhood has a higher income than 64.8 percent of the neighborhoods in America.

In the Newsom neighborhood, 46.3 percent of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. If you are an executive or professional seeking a neighborhood affording an executive lifestyle, or just wanting to find where other executives live in the area, the Newsom neighborhood should be on your list. It has an enviable mix of spacious homes, relatively stable real estate values, and residents that include a number of well-to-do executives, managers, and professionals, and places as one of the top 14.3 percent executive lifestyle neighborhoods in the state of Tennessee. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants, with 25.3 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations at 15.6 percent, and 12.8 percent in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

Each neighborhood in America has its own culture, some more unique than others, based on lifestyle, occupations, the types of households, and importantly, on the ethnicities and ancestries of the people who live in the neighborhood. Understanding where people came from, who their grandparents or great-grandparents were, can help you understand how a neighborhood is today.

In the Newsom neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as Irish at 11.9 percent. There are also a number of people of English ancestry at 9.8 percent, and residents who report Asian roots 9.7 percent. Some of the residents are also of German ancestry at 7.5 percent, along with some Mexican ancestry residents at 2.9 percent, while 0.6 percent of this neighborhood’s residents have Croatian ancestry, among others. In addition, 14.1 percent of the residents of this neighborhood were born in another country.

The languages spoken by people in this neighborhood are diverse. These are tabulated as the languages people preferentially speak when they are at home with their families. The most common language spoken in the Newsom neighborhood is English, spoken by 83.5 percent of households, while 1.1 percent of its residents primarily speak Gujarati, which is native to the Indian state of Gujarat, at home. Other important languages spoken here include Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

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37209 Charlotte Pike Gower Rd 54th Ave N Marilyn Rd 29th Ave N James Ave Couch Dr Forrest Valley Cir Forrest Valley Ct Forrest Valley Dr White Bridge Pike Cougar Dr 43rd Ave N James Ct Edsel Dr Tidwell Rd SPENCER ST 26th Ave N 27th Ave N 28th Ave N 29th Ave N 30th Ave N 31st Ave N 32nd Ave N 33rd Ave N 34th Ave N 35th Ave N 36th Ave N 37th Ave N 38th Ave N 39th Ave N 40th Ave N 41st Ave N 42nd Ave N 43rd Ave N 44th Ave N 45th Ave N 46th Ave N 47th Ave N 48th Ave N 49th Ave N 50th Ave N 51st Ave N 52nd Ave N 53rd Ave N 54th Ave N 55th Ave N 56th Ave N 57th Ave N 60th Ave N 61st Ave N 62nd Ave N A IVY ST OLD POND CREEK RD 31st Ave N Futura Dr Futura Dr Knob Rd Landau Dr 35th Ave N Hemstead St Traemoor Village Dr Traemore Village Dr Ts Jackson Ave Clare Ave SPENCER AVE Firestone Ct Deer Pt Burgess Avenue Centennial Blvd Eastboro Dr Franklin Dr Mercomatic Ct MERCOMATIC DR Solway Ct 44th Ave N Belle Valley Dr BASSWOOD AVE 42nd Ave N Basswood Dr Westlawn Westlawn Ct Westlawn Dr Westlawn Pl Obrien Ave Sylvan Glen Ct Hickory Trail Dr Felicia St Batavia St 36th Ave N Sylvan Park Ln Starliner Ct Starliner Dr Tigerbelle Dr Duluth Ave 57th Ave N Stoneway Close Burgess Avenue Stoneway Trl Corbett Ln Indian Creek Rd Capri Ct Capri Dr Mackie Pl Mackie St 45th Ave N Utah Ave 23rd St Ave N LOZIER ST Annex Ave Annex Ct Henry Ford Dr Torbett St Wyoming Ave Newton Ct Running Brook Rd 37th Ave N Pennsylvania Ave ISLAY CT Orlando Ave 46th Ave N Foundation Ct Wildwind Ct Newton St Sterling St Foundry Dr TRAEMOOR VILLAGE WAY Meadowcrest Ln California Ave Oceola Ave College Ave Galaxie Dr Sonya Dr Sentinel Dr Taylor Merritt Ct Upton Ct 38th Ave N Vaught Dr 47th Ave N American Ct Croley Ct Nebraska Ave American Rd 57th ave 57th ave 57th Ave Dakota Ave Bellmore Ave Charlotte Ave Bellmore Pl California Elaine Ave Charlotte Pike Charlotte Road Cir Bend Dr Morrow Rd Kentucky Ave Freedom Ct Indiana Ave Freedom Dr 48th Ave N 24TH ST Achievement Dr 53rd Ave N Stevenson St Freedom Pl Sloan Rd 39th Ave N Summerly Dr Haleys Hope Ct Freedom Dr Centerpoint Ln Nichol Rd Wilhugh Pl Lansing Dr Waterloo Ct Normandy Cir Neighborly Ave Old Charlotte Pike 49th Ave N Normandy Pl N Normandy Pl S Winn Ave CLOVER ST Knob Rd GULCH ST JOHN A MERRITT BLVD WHISPERING PINES CT Cub Creek Rd Grosse Point Ct Wellmoor Ct B 31ST AVE N B NORMANDY CIR BRANCH ST Cockrill Bend Blvd DR WALTER S DAVIS BLVD N RODNEY DR SAUSSY PL Brookvale Ter Geneva Cir Waco Dr Old Charlotte Pike Ivy St Knob Rd For Rent Dogwood Trl Elaine Ave Nall Ave Cedar Crest Dr Sawyer Brown Rd OLD HICKORY BLVD Lelawood Cir Hunters Run Lellyett Ave Fordomatic Dr Laramie Ave Hunters Trl Bagleyshop Dr Cedar Cv DR WALTER S DAVIS BLVD Tennessee Ave Frisco Ave Errol Ln Maudina Ave Carl Pl Charlotte Pike Errol Ln Saylor Ct Laredo Ave Ivy St Pilcher Ave William Howard Ct William Howard Pl Media St Ranchero Dr 524 elaine av Lookout Dr Park Ave Fleetwood Dr Lakeview Dr TRAEMOOR VILLAGE PL Delaware Ave SUMMIT ST Rural Ave Dakota Ave Hillwood Blvd Wheatfield Ct Trevor St Wheatfield Way RIVER RD 61st Ave N Vernon Ave Deal Ave LENOX AVE Maxon Ave Marauder Dr Williams Ct Alabama Ave Continental Dr Nevada Ave Trice Dr Watts Ln 26th Ave N Colorado Ave Watts Ter 31st Ave N Wesley Ct Laredo Ave Bon Air Cir Bend Dr Frisco Ave River Road Pike Georgia Ave Canebrake Dr Cleeces Ferry Rd River Rouge Ct River Rouge Dr Conway St GEORGIA CT Warmstone Ct Alameda St Croley Dr Chamberlin St Robertson Ave Ridgelake Pkwy Nashua Ave Whetstone Ct Nashua Ct Alamo Pl Murphy Rd Nashua Ln 61st Avenue North Pennsylvania Avenue Pennsylvania Avenue Premier Dr Stringfellow Rd Louisiana Marcia Ave Ohio Ave Columbia Ave Russleo Dr River View Dr Delray Ct Delray Dr Michigan Ave Hite St Patina Cir 32nd Ave N 27th Ave N Terry Dr 40th Ave N OLD RIVER RD Leslie Ave Upton Ln Louisiana Ave Oakmont Cir Demoss Rd Idaho Ave Hill Circle Dr Watts Cir Traemoor Village Ct Ethel St 51st Ave N Westboro Dr Upton Ct Urbandale Ave Scholarship Dr Killean Ct Albion St Cherokee Station Dr Cherokee Station Rd 33rd Ave N 41st Ave N Burgess Ave Woodland Way Booker St Rome Ave Louisiana Ave Park St TOLBERT RD Wilclay Dr CABOT DR Sunliner Dr Comet Dr Snyder Ave Thunderbird Ct Clifton Ave Weatherside Ct Thunderbird Dr Biggs Rd Clifton Avenue Redmon St Alden Ct Forestwood Dr Cowden Ave Deal Elkins Ave Twin St Stonecrest Dr Stonecrest Way Kenaum Ct Patton Ave Ries Ave Balmy Ave Wyoming Ave 42nd Ave N Lovell Ave Sprint Dr Beacon Ln Illinois Ave New York Ave Kendall Dr Charlotte Pike Branch Creek Rd Elkins Ave For Rent Old Charlotte Pike Old Charlotte Pike Oak Haven Ct Oak Haven Trce 47th Ave N Old Hickory Blvd EAGLE RDG

37221 Woodmere Ct Forrest Oaks Ct N Forrest Oaks Ct S Forrest Oaks Dr Brook Glen Cv Forrest Oaks Pl Riverspring Dr Deer Lake Dr Brook Glen Way Sugar Maple Ln Wolfeboro Ln Wolfeboro Ln S Morgan Trace Ct Eller Ct Eller Dr Eller Ln STEEPLECHASE CT London Way Londonberry Rd FIRE TOWER RD Westfall Dr Steeplechase Ln Rivervalley Dr Club Pkwy Westfield Dr Todd Preis Dr Riverview Bend Dr Summit Oaks Ct ROCK HARBOUR CT Holgate Ct Stonehindge Way Commonwealth Cir Commonwealth Ct Trading Post Ct Willow Oak Ct Summit Oaks Ct Willow Oak Dr COLD SPRING CT Westgate Ct Arbor Dr Quail Creek Rd Cedar Place Bnd Stonemeade Dr Clofton Dr Cold Stream Ct Cold Stream Dr Deer Pointe Ct Cold Stream Pl Bridgeport Dr Harrow Ct Harrow Dr JAMES MILTON CT Henderson Dr Brockton Ln Club Pkwy For Rent Westhaven Dr Lexington Point Dr Daventry Ct Harpeth Springs Dr Deer Ridge Ln Bellevue Rd Gloucester Ln Meadow Ridge Cir Hooten Hows Rd Meadow Ridge Ct Birch Bark Dr Somerhill Ct Harpeth Bend Dr Fox Vale Ln Carriage Dr Bluestem Ct Bridgeview Ln Post Creek Rd Raymond Roberts Dr Chase Ct Bridgewater Ct Nottingham. Pl Windsor Terrace Dr Bridgewater Dr Hickory Trace Pl Bellafonte Ct Rock Wall Rd Amber Ct Meadow Trace Ct Millbrook Dr Bear Trak Birch Glen Ct SOMERSET FARMS CIR Somerset Farms Ct Somerset Farms Dr Meadow View Dr Amber Ct Nottingham Pl Sunrise Ct Somerset Pl Bridle Dr BELLE CHASSE CT BELLE CHASSE DR Hicks Rd Waterford Cir Rockeford Dr BATEY CT Riverwalk Dr Belle Forest Cir Silo BelleCt Glen Dr White Oak Ln Dunaway Dr Kirkbrook Belle Lake Dr Sommersby Ct Newsom Grn Newsom Station Rd Belle Pointe BelleCt Pointe Dr Coley Davis Rd Indian Hills Dr Fisher Ct Hillmont Ct Mccrory Ln Highway 100 Hansrote Ct Hansrote Cv Cavalier Ct Old Hickory Blvd Cavalier Rd Hapeth Trace Dr Weston Way Dr Amberwood Pl DEERBROOK DR Colice Jeanne Rd Griffin Ct Hollow Tree Ct Blythe Ct E Blythe Ct W I 40 Glenleigh Ct Tulip Way Kingfisher Pt Minister Dr Tuliptree Ct Crest Ridge Ct Tuliptree Ln ROUTE 5 HIGHWAY 100 Dove Ridge Cir Montcastle Ct Montcastle Dr Mark Dr Baugh Rd Boundary Run Plantation Ct Chessington Ct Dove Valley Ct Dove Valley Dr Chessington Dr Bircham Ct Waterbury Pt Indian Ridge Dr BELLEVUE MANOR DR Hunt Club Rd Bellevue Rd Old Harding Ct Old Harding Ln Old Harding Pike OLD HARDING RD Bellevue Rd N Autumn Ct Timber Gap Dr Griffith Rd Old Hickory Blvd Colony Ct Colony Dr Colony Pl Nunahi Trl Vaughn Rd Indian Springs Dr Morrisey Ct Madia Vale Dr Regency Dr Club Pkwy STONYBROOK DR Vauxhall Dr Green Meadows Ln Beautiful Valley Ct Beautiful Valley Dr Polo Club Rd Leon St Westvale Dr Autumn Leaves Ln Deerhurst Ct Reasonover Grn Sandalwood Ct Holly First CHARLOTTE PIKE Falkirk Ct Boone Trace Holly Hill Ct River Bend Cir Bay Cove Ct Bay Cove Trl Merrymount Dr Woodstream Dr Sequoyah Ln Devon Valley Dr Devon Way Ct River Bend Rd Plantation Ct River Bend Way Claxton Ct Westward Winds Dr UNION BRIDGE RD Buckskin Ct Ramble Wood Cir Colony Ct Colony Dr Harpeth Valley Pl Breckston Ln Highway 70 S Kenwick Ct Kenwick Ct W Briksberry Ct Zuric Ct Morton Mill Cir Morton Mill Ct Morton Mill Rd River Fork Dr HWY 70 Amherst Way Woodbury Falls Ct Woodbury Falls Dr General George Patton Rd Footpath Ter Bethany Blvd Montcastle Ct Bethany Ct River Ct Autumnwood Ct Autumnwood Dr Olmsted Dr Cornerstone Ct Wa Weka Cir Summerview Ct Summerview Cv Silkwood Cir Harpeth Ct Harpeth Rd MAPLE DALE CT Natchez Pointe Blvd Silkwood Dr Marler Rd HWY RD F RUST CT Falling Water Ct HOLLY SPRINGS RD Carters Glen Dr Birkdale Pl Wabash Pl HARDING PIKE Mill Run Cir Temple Hollow Cir Haselton Rd SUMMERWOOD LN Treeline Ct Heath Rd Temple Rd Temple Ridge Ct Temple Ridge Dr River Fork Dr Pear Ct Kreitner Dr SILVERBROOK CT Whiteheath Ct Horseshoe Ln Templegate Dr Collins Rd Holly Trace Ct Holly Trace Way Claytie Cir Claytie Ct CLAYTIE S AIMES CT Cedar Place Row Moss Creek Ct Buttercup Dr Goldenrod Ct CEDAR KNOB RD Old Hickory Blvd COLLINS TRACE CT Silverleaf Ct Collinscrest Ct Hollybrook Cres River Junction Dr Sawyer Brown Ct Sawyer Brown Rd COLLINSWOOD DR Osprey Ln Silverleaf Ter Riverfront Dr For Rent Chaseview Ct Chaseview Rd Sandpiper Cir Explorer Trl Bellevue Road Still Spring Hollow Ct Still Spring Hollow Dr Still Water Cir Moss Rd CORONADO CT Timberline Dr Welton Ct Ferringdon Ct Settlers Ct Watervale Dr ASLAN CT Allens Ln Wexford Pt Brenner Ct Brenner Dr Say Brook Cir Running Deer Highway 70 S Harding Trace Ct Settlers Way Summit Oaks Ct Summit Oaks Dr Summit Oaks Pl River Park Ct River Park Dr Worchester Dr Waterway Ct Cedar Forest Ct Fox Hunt Pt Cedar Forest Dr Highlands Dr Buffalo Rd Millbrook Cir Hallows Dr Somerset Farms Dr For Rent Wf Rust Ct High Forrest Ct Millbrook Dr Winter Breeze Ct George E Horn Rd Arlington Pl George Gaines Rd Dan Kestner Ct Dan Kestner Dr Wagon Ct WAGON DR Riverbend Ct Riverbend Dr Eades Ct Kinley Ct Warbler Way Hatteras Way Swallow Pt Barlin Ct Barlin Dr General George Patton Rd Spring Pl ROSLYN CT Chaffin Dr Williamette Dr CEDAR KNOB Bedfordshire Ct Scarcroft Ln Tern Ct Stirrup Ct Stirrup Dr Bending River Dr Valley Cove Ct Dusk Ct Treyburn Ct Spring Ridge Ct Rushing Brook Cir Spring Ridge Dr Spring Ridge Ln Holt Valley Rd Highway 70 Highway 70 S Mcknight Ln Old Hickory Blvd Magnolia Ct E Magnolia Ct W Red Maple Dr STOCKETT DR Huntwick Trl Pebble Brk High Point Trace Ct Huntwood Pl Sunvalley W Aspenwood Ln Brewbock Ct River Ridge Ct Sandy Creek Rd Stacy Dr Beech Bend Ct Beech Bend Dr River Ridge Dr 34 Fox Vale Lane Onslow Way Stacy Square Ct Stacy Square Ter River Ridge Ter Magnolia Hills Ct Magnolia Hills Dr River Fork Dr Calloway Ct DONCASTER LN Fox Trl Smokewood Way Daniel Ct Fox Vale Ln Steeplechase Poplar Creek Rd Poplar Creek Trace Ct Poplar Creek Trce Fox Way Pt Pasquo Rd Strickland Dr Yearling Way Beech Ridge Rd Colt Ct Russell Rd COLT DR Erin Ln Highway 96 Staffordshire Dr Hester Beasley Rd Daniel Trce FARMINGTON CT Leonard Ridge Ct Sweet Bay Cir Amberwood Cir Scenic River Ln Sheffield Sq GOODPASTURE TER Station Dr Farmington Pl Woodbury Falls Ct Scarcroft Ln MAGNOLIA TRL Bradford Grn Cobbler Ct Stone Creek Ct Park Ln Lyndeboro Ct Yellow Wood CtStone Creek Rd Trace Creek Ct Trace Creek Dr Rolling Hills Dr Trace Ct Natchez Bend Rd Trace Glen Ct Trace Park Cir Trace Park Ct E TRACE PARK CT W Harness Dr Poplar Ridge Ct Trace Ridge Ln Blue Heron Rd Poplar Ridge Dr NATCHEZ POINTE DR Natchez Pointe Pl Williamsburg West Ct Williamsburg West Dr McPherson Cir McPherson Ct S Traceside Dr McPherson Dr Traceway Dr McPherson Ln Esterbrook Dr CANOE CT SNEED RD Williamsport Ct Albar Dr PATOMIC DR Red Tanager Ct Riverbend Ln Gleniris Ct NORTHRIDGE CIR NORTHRIDGE CT Andover Way Riverbend Rd Hiawatha Ct GLENLEIGH CT Valley Trace Ct Valley Trace Dr Club Pkwy Northridge Dr Stallion Ct Grapevine Ln New Highway 96 W Stallion Dr Riverbranch Ct Yellow Wood Ct Wyatt Park HWY 100 Sunderland Cir LEARNING LN Pinnacle Pl Sweetgum Cir Sweetgum Ct Poplar Valley Ct ROLLING RIVER CT Rolling River Pkwy Darbi Trace Ct Sweetgum Ln Chimney Hl Widewater Ct Poplarwood Ln Poplarwood Rd Thrasher Way Doral Country Dr Harpeth Bend Dr Harpeth Crest Dr Club Pkwy Harpeth Glen Trce Harpeth Knoll Ct HARPETH KNOLL RD Harpeth Lake Ct Harpeth Ln Doral Ct Harpeth Mill Ct Harpeth Oaks Ct Harpeth Pkwy E Harpeth Pkwy W Harpeth Ridge Dr Harpeth Run Dr Harpeth Springs Dr Harpeth Trace Ct Harpeth Trace Dr Harpeth Trace Pl Harpeth Valley Ct Harpeth Valley Rd Harpeth View Cir HARPETH VIEW CT Harpeth View Dr Harpeth View Pl Harpeth Wood Dr Chase Ct Sable Ridge Ct Blackberry Hl Bent Tree Dr Greenvale Ct Greenvale Dr MANNING HOLLOW RD FOREST SIDE CT Riverfront Dr Kittrell Rd SPRINGHAVEN CT Pine Forest Dr Hampshire Pl Willoughby Way Todd Preis Dr Wynbrook Ct Riverland Dr Creek Valley Ct Leblanc Ct Creek View Ct Briarwood Crst Springlake Ct Old Hickory Blvd Radcliff Dr Cotton Blossom Ct COTTON BLOSSOM LN Pine Meadow Ct Riverplace Dr Brunswick Pl Middlebrook Cir Glenridge Close Cambron Dr GLENRIDGE CT Glenridge Dr Glenridge Ln Patten Ln Saddle Dr Radcliff Dr Cross Timbers Dr Whispering Trace Ct Chipmunk LnIron Gate Ct Highlands Ct Pine Hill Ln Highlands Dr Valleypark Dr MYHR DR Myhr Grn Wynham Pl New Sawyer Brown Rd Huckleberry Trl Pine Hill Rd Saddle Ridge Ct Crossbrooke Dr Willow Creek Dr Cabot Pl Glenvale Dr Boone Trce Ballow Ln Chippewa Cir Saddle Ridge Trce Edinburgh Dr Springwater Dr Farmington Pl Westcott Dr Ryan Ct Edingburgh Dr Meadow Glen Ct Harpeth Rd Sparrow Ct Glenway Ct Glenway Dr Little Bridge Pl Earps Ct Canyon Ct Griffin Ct Belden Way Westerly Dr Bellevue Rd 236 Meadow Lane Dr Deer Estates Dr Lewis Rd Burleigh Ct DEER FOOT CT Meadow Ln Hickory Hollow Rd Wild Iris Dr Camelot Dr Woodbury Falls Ct AVONDALE PARK BLVD Ayleworth Ln Blackwater Dr Haydenberry Ct Haydenberry Cv Asberry Ct Asberry Dr Moncastle Ct Dorshire Ln Nunnery Ln

37143 Glen Haven Ct H G Hill Rd OLD CHARLOTTE PARK Beech Hill Rd Juniper Dr Old Charlotte Pike Sweeney Dr Deer Wood Trl Woodard Ln INDIAN CREEK RD Greers Ln Riverbend Dr Lakeview Dr ANDERSON Crystal Ln Ransom Dr RIDGEVIEW DR BEECH NUT CT Manning Hollow Rd Thompson Rd Indian Springs Rd INDIAN SPRINGS ROAD OFF Bluff View Dr Pond Creek Rd POND CREEK ROAD OFF Longview Dr Carol Dr Spring Valley Dr THOMPSON ROAD OFF SEARS RD Little Pond Creek Rd LITTLE POND CREEK ROAD OFF Shade Tree Ct NORA LN Quail Covey Trl TANGLEWOOD DR lot 1 Marshall Woodard Rd Shade Tree Ln Marshall Woodard Rd Ridgeview Dr Riverchase Ct Bent Tree Dr Navaho Trl DEERWOOD TRL MARSHAL WOODARD RD Garcia Dr Watts Rd Timber Run Trl Old Pond Creek Rd Riverview Dr Quail Covey Trl Dogwood Ln Marijay Dr Belle Valley Dr Sears Rd Ridgeview Barn Ln Harpeth Bend Ct Harpeth Haven Dr Station Dr Scenic View Dr Beverly Hills Dr Paula Ln Harpeth Vue Cir Piute Trl Redbud Ct BLUFFVIEW CT Scenic View Ter Cave Springs Rd Tanglewood Rd SAVELY RD NATIER DR ANDERSON RD Jones Dr Zapata Dr Shagbark Ct Francis Ln Hickory Hill Rd Turkey Rdg Appache Trl KINGSTON SPRINGS RD Gourley Rd Porter Ct Pine Dr Elkmont Pl ELKMOORE DR KINGSTON SPRINGS RD HILL TOP RD HIGHWAY 70 Walkup Rd WALKUP ROAD OFF HICKORY HOLLOW RD LAKE VIEW DR BARRY LN Deerfoot Dr DEERFOOT DR OFF Garland Hollow Rd Circle Dr Sunnyfield Dr Fairway Ct Hannah Ford Rd Rockland Pl Poplar Ln Duffield Rd Alexander Ln Old Sams Creek Rd Sunnymeade Pl Robinson Dr HWY 70 Paint Pony Trl Russell Ln Nickens Ln DOAK DR Old Pond Creek Rd APACHE TRL MARSHALL WOODARD RD MARSHALL WOODARD ROAD OFF Leann Dr Sears Rd  Weiglea Dr Lone Oak Dr SAMS CREEK RD Kim Marie Way Hill Top Rd Stoney Brook Dr Brakeman Ct CLARKSVILLE HWY

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