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October 21st, 2015

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Milan, Tennessee

MIlan TN

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Milan is a small city located in the state of Tennessee, just northeast of Jackson, with a population of 7,779 people and three constituent neighborhoods. Milan is the 78th largest community in Tennessee.

Milan is neither predominantly blue-collar nor white-collar, instead having a mixed workforce of both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Overall, Milan is a city of professionals, sales and office workers and service providers. There are especially a lot of people living in Milan, who work in sales jobs at 11.83 percent, office and administrative support at 11.26 percent, and teaching at 8.77 percent.

Also of interest is that Milan has more people living here whose work requires a knowledge of computer science and mathematics than 95 percent of the places in the US.

Being that Milan is a small city, and as such doesn’t have a public transit system.

The education level of Milan citizens, measured as those with bachelor’s degrees or advanced degrees, is similar to the national average for all American cities and towns at 18.38 percent of adults 25 and older.

The per capita income in Milan in 2010 was $18,208, which is modest income relative to Tennessee and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $72,832 for a family of four.

Milan is a very ethnically-diverse city. The people who call Milan home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number of Milan residents reports their race to be White, followed by Black or African-American. Important ancestries of people in Milan include English, Irish, German and Scottish. The most common language spoken in Milan is English.

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Install, repair or replace electrical systems

Kitchen remodeling (including the purchase and installation of appliances)

Bathroom remodeling, Full interior painting, Total exterior painting

Repair or replace a septic system and/or well

Disability access (wheelchair ramp, elevator, widen doorways)

Build, repair or replace deck, patio or porch

Basement waterproofing and finishing

Abatement/Stabilization of lead-based paint hazards

Replace old windows, Room additions, Finish an attic

Add a second story to your home

Replace a termite damaged sill plate (a water-damaged sill plate also)

Possible landscaping items such as correction of grading & drainage problems,

tree removal, repair a driveway and sidewalks

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SCOTT RD Planer Dr LAKE DR Mcallister St Hawthorne St Creekside Dr ROBIN GLEN DR Airport Rd Lea Ln Robin Glenn Dr DENNY DR FIRST STREET AT R S Ragsdale Dr Goodman Dr Williamson St Black Dog Rd Oak Grove Rd Thomas St Farm Lane JONES BLVD Buddy Neal Rd Front St ARNOLD DR Hartsfield Dr Ford St Verdell Cv Verdell St Tj Scott Rd Flippenfield Rd Sunset Rdg MEADOWBROOK Nance St 1st St PRATT CEMETARY RD Walnut St Ra Goodmann Rd Honeysuckle Ln Turner St FLOWERS ST 1ST ST N 1ST ST S JACKSON ST BRADFORD HWY E BRYANT ST E CHERRY ST E CRESTWELL ST CRESWELL ST & SHEPARD ST FRONT ST NW FRONT ST SW FRONT ST & WALNUT ST FRONT ST EXTENSION KEFAUVER DR & CALDWELL DR KEFAUVER DR & STINSON ST L & N ST L and N St R MIDDLE ST MT PLEASANT RD CATES ST W MAIN ST Reasons Blvd ROBINSON ST E Harris St SALEM ST W SHEPARD ST TRENTON ST VAN HOOK ST W MILAN HOUSING ATHY WHEELER ST WILBURN NELSON RD WOODROW ST W Short St WILLIE T CROCKER RD BROWNING RD POPLAR SPRINGS RD Main St Oaklawn St VAN HOOK ST Denton Fly Rd 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BRAZIL RD GEORGE ST E HUNTINGDON ST E LYNMARK DR FROG RD Frogjump Brazil Rd US Highway 45 Byp N US Highway 45 Byp S JESSIE PATTERSON RD BLUFF RD Hedgewood Ln Henry Dickey Rd CAVANESS CV BROWNSVILLE ST Broadfield 6TH ST E 6TH ST & RR DYERSBURG HWY E Green Valley Rd 10th St 7th St Arthur Grady Rd Arthur Hoppers Rd Belle Deere Dr ST RTE EDISON FROGJUMP RD Edison Frogjump Rd CHRISTMASVILLE RD Armory St Daniel Rd Lombardy St Buck Wade Loop BUCK WADE LOOP RD 3rd St Hamilton St CHURCH ST WILLIE BOWERS RD 15th St SHADY LOOP DR Milligan Cole Rd Elmer Miller Rd WALNUT ST Milan Highway Point Cv Milligan Ln 10TH ST W 2ND ST E DYERSBURG HWY 3RD CHURCH ST 3RD ST E 3RD ST W 3RD ST & LEXINGTON ST 4TH HIGH ST & ST 4TH ST E 5TH ST 6TH ST 6TH ST EXT BRAZIL ELLIOTT STREET RD Church St E CHURCH ST N Concord Ln COLLEGE ST N COLLEGE ST S CONCD MOORES CHPL RD DYERSBURG HWY S EATON ST E MILLIGAN RD EATON ST W ESQ WHITE RD FACTORY ST & 3RD HARRISON LANE B HAYS AVENUE EXT HIGH ST N OAK TREE RD HIGH ST S ARTHUR HOPPER RD JACKSON CIR E LANEVIEW CONCORD RD LEXINGTON ST S MANUFACTURERS ROW MOORE S CHAPEL CONCORD HWY 45 BYP PEAVINE RD THIRD ST OLD BLUFF CUT OFF RD PARADISE ALY PRICE ST QUAIL RIDGE RD Steve Pickard Rd US Highway 45 Byp N LYNDALE ST US Highway 45 Byp S LAKE HAYES ESTATE RD Highway 104 Concord Moores Chapel Rd Riverside Yorkville Rd Bluff Cutoff Johnson Chapel Rd NEAL KINSEY RD Neal Kinsy Rd EASLEY ST OLD JACKSON RD Brazil Gin Cutoff Rd BRAZIL SCHOOL RD Esquire Barksdale Rd HARPER CHAPEL RD MCREE SCHOOL HOUSE RD Alamo Hwy OLD TRENTON HUMBLDT RD HIGH ST Booth Rd High St Arnold Rd Huntingdon St Lemings Rd 2ND ST 8th St TRENTON EATON RD END DR FAITH CIR Trenton Hwy WESTSHORE DR LEMMINGS RD Park Cir GRIERS CHAPEL RD J HICKERSON RD LANEVIEW CONCORD Laneview Concord Rd Laneview Rd 10TH ST CHURCH ST Central St 5th St HIGH Owl St Frank Allen Rd HILLSBORO DR Shanklin Rd J B JONES RD Paradise Ave VAUGHNS GROVE COUNTY FARM RD Vaughns Grove Rd THETFORD RD Pete Canada Rd WIDE LANE RD Wide Ln Palmer Rd Martin Alexander Rd DYERSBURG HWY Hillsboro St 1st St Ora Goad Rd Bradford Hwy Fred Brown Rd J D BARR RD Lynmark St 2ND ST Howell Ln Eaton St Old Trenton Dresden Rd Old Trenton Eaton Rd McRee Schoolhouse Rd Halliburton St TWIN CREEK RD MT ORANGE RD Harrison Ln Rice Ln Lemond Rd Hospital Dr Dyer Hwy SHORTY WATSON RD Harold Davidson Rd HUNTINGDON BROWNSVILLE ST Gibson highway 15TH ST HUNTINGDON ST SLEEPY HOLLOW RD Wilson Cemetery Rd Cotham Cir Cotham Rd Davis Loop Dyersburg Hwy Brookwood St Arzo Haley Loop Forrest St Eldad Ln Ira Falls Rd Eldad Rd PARADISE ALY RICE LN BROWNSVILLE ST Cades Loop ST RTE 188 OGLE HAYS RD Harbert Ave Cumberland Cv Caveness Cv HWY 104 Taylor St Oakwood St Condcord Moores Chapel COLLEGE BRAZIL EATON RD Lake Hayes Estates Rd JOHNSON RD

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