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October 20th, 2015

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Medina, Tennessee


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Medina is a small city located in the state of Tennessee and just north of Jackson in Gibson county, with a population of 3,955 people and just one neighborhood. Medina is the 164th largest community in Tennessee. Medina has seen a significant amount of newer housing growth in recent years and primarily due to new residents moving in who enjoy middle to well-to-do-incomes. With them comes jobs, a vibrant local economy, and other amenities that those from nearby and far away. Such is the case in Medina, where the median household income is $66,500.

Medina real estate is some of the most expensive in Tennessee, although Medina house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the U.S.

Medina is neither predominantly blue-collar nor white-collar, instead having a mixed workforce of both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Overall, Medina is a city of professionals, sales and office workers and managers. There are especially a lot of people living in Medina who work in office and administrative support (16.38%), healthcare (14.85%) and management occupations (11.66%).

Medina is a good choice for families with children because of several factors. Many other families with children live here, making it a place where both parents and children are more likely to develop social ties with other families. The city’s good public school district and large population of college-educated adults provide an environment conducive to academic success. Many people own their own single-family homes, providing areas for children to play and stability in the community. Finally, Medina’s overall crime rate ranks among the lowest in the country, making it one of the safest places to raise a family.

As is often the case with smaller towns, the population isn’t large or dense enough to support much in the way of a public transportation system. In fact, there are many rural roads around Medina, which makes walking or biking to and from work a bit difficult and makes for a very car-oriented town.

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Fawn Rdg Clover Run  Clover Run Redwood St Doe Trl Hunters Rdg Duke Rd Maple TURNERS LOOP RD 22ND AVE FOREST DR Nika Dr Stegall Rd WILLIAM BARNETT RD WHITE BROS RD Circle Dr GILMORE LN Donald Beard Ln DONALD BEARD RD 23rd Ave Dukes Lake Rd North St Brown St Simmons Rd Gadsden Todd Levee Byrd Rd HOOVER LN Kevin Cox Rd Gadsden Todd Levee Rd Carriage Ln Esquire Lewis Rd Esquire Peek Rd Barr Street Tarkenton Dr Doc Cox Rd 24TH AVE ALAMO ALAMO & TATUM RD 5th Ave Chamberlain Dr Clark Ave Ellison Rd Emerson Rd McKnight Rd MCKNIGHT ST Jr Jones Rd Kinner Rd SCARBROUGH LOOP SCARBROUGH LOOP RD Cumberland Rd W Maple Cir HUMBLDT GIBSON WELLS 10TH Teri Leigh Cv Dade Ellington Rd 10th Ave WOODGATE DR Woodgate Ext HUMBOLDT 25th Ave HUNTER S RIDGE DR Mount Zion Road 2 MAPLE CREEK LN Sunnyslope Dr HUMBOLDT MEDINA RD WARD DR 18th 5th Ave Annie Brook Cv Annie Brooke Cv STATE ROUTE 152 State Route 152 W Quincy Rd 16TH AVE McLean Rd Woodhaven CLOVER RUN DR Chamblee Cv Salem Rd Franklin Turnage Rd Hamilton Ln Gadsden Rd Burrow St Gadsden Todd Levee Rd Michael Avery Rd Stockbridge Cv 27th Ave Old Humboldt Rd Main St STATE ROUTE 186 DODSON ST State Route 187 Pinehills Rd Salem Rd 10307 HWY W Emerson Rd Bradford Dr Emerson Rd ALAMO COXVILLE RD Salem Rd GADSDEN HIGHWAY 152W JOE BILL WILLIAMS RD Raines Cemetery Rd YOUNG COUNTY ROAD MASON GR RD Hadley Dr WOODHAVEN DR FREEMAN LN MCLIN ST EXT Whitman Rd 28th Ave WOODHAVEN EXT Beau Beth Dr HOMER CRAIG RD Debbie Ln Ginseng Rd BLEDSOE LN Pinacle Cv MEADOW WOOD CIR Bledsoe Rd Penn St 29th Ave Woodhaven St 5TH Main St Salem Rd 11TH AVE Calhoun St Stockton Cv BARR ST Mason Cemetery Rd Forest Lake Dr Madison Dr DOVE HOLLOW DR McCoy Rd CEMTARY ST HUMBOLDT GIBSON WELLS RD Maclin St Maclin Street Ext 32ND AVE Gadsden Rd McKnight St DOE TRAIL CV CLARK ST Forest Lk MASON GR GADSDEN RD Walnut Dr MASON GROVE RD Mason St Gadsden Todd Levee Rd HAZELWOOD DR Front St Phillip Hale Rd William Barnett BERRYWOOD DR State Route 187 5TH AVE Jackson Ln Pebblecreek Cv Cobblestone Dr Central Ave Laurel St 12TH W OF ST 13TH PENN ST & AVE 14TH AVENUE & MAPLE ST 17TH AVE N 17TH AVE S 17TH AVENUE N 18TH AVE S STALLINGS RD 19TH AVE N 2 WHITE ROSE RD 20TH AVENUE N 21ST AVE N 22ND AVENUE  N 22ND AVENUE N 30TH AVE N 3RD AVE S 6th Ave 5TH AVE N 6TH AVE N 8TH AVE N CALDWELL ST CENTRAL AVE N CRADDOCK ST W OF KILZER LOOP RD OF WARREN RD GIBSON WELLS HMBLDT RD GIBSON WELLS HUMBDT RD HUMBOLDT BYP HWY 79 A LESLIE SCRUGGS RD A MACLIN ST EXT MAIN ST W MEDINA HMBLDT HIGHWAY MEDINA HMBLDT HWY MEDINA HUMBOLDT HIGHWAY 197 MITCHELL ST E MITCHELL ST S MORRIS CIR W MASON RD 26th Ave 4th Ave RR ST MAIN ST GIBSON OF W MAPLE ST S/S OFF GADSDEN RD SISCO ST & BROWN ST Spangler Dr Mitchell St OF FLY RD Westhaven Dr WHITE BROTHERS RD Premier Ests BRAD NELSON RD ESQ PEEK RD MAIN ST E PINE LAKE ST Hazlewood Dr Barrett Ln LEEWOOD DR Emerald Downs HWY 45 Chere Carol CHERE CAROL RD Valley Hill Pl HWY 45 & TURNER LOOP RD Hwy 45 By-Pass Mason St HWY 45 W Warmath Cir Eastview Dr DAISY 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Breece Rd FOREST ST Green Rd Sisco Ave Hillside Dr SISCO ST Cooper Rd Emerson Rd STATE RTE 420 Holly Hill Rd Green Small Oak STALLINGS RD MT ZION RD PARKWAY CV Sanders Blf Doe Trl Highway 186 Dodson  Stallings/Viking Dr Turner Loop Twin Lk Jr Chandler Rd Luck Madden Rd Jr Jones Rd ASHPORT RD 16th Ave MAIN 3rd Ave Tract 4 Old Turkey Crk 19TH AVE 7th Ave Cotton St 3RD AVE CENTRAL ST VIKING DR Sablewood Cv Bethel Church Rd Westside Dr Moore Rd 3rd Ave Dawson Bottom Rd Wayne Porter Rd BOTTOM RD Graves Rd Wesley Duncan Rd 15TH AVE White Rose St Esquire Peek Windy City Rd OLD HUMBOLDT RD AVONDALE RD Buddy Hudson Rd Gibson Cemetery Rd Avondale St BLACKMON RD BETHEL RD 17TH AVE Lake of the Woods Cv Lake of the Woods Dr Westview Cv Hwy 45 E Harris Grove Rd 16th Ave Booth Rd Twin Lake Ests Countryview Ln Kilzer Loop Rd DOROTHY BURNS RD Longmire Rd Main St Esq Lewis Rd 6th Ave THIRTHEENTH AVE TODD LEVEE RD Todd Levee Rd N 17th ASHBERRY LN Tanglewood Dr CLOVEWOOD CV Dowsley Dr 12TH AVE Craddock St 17TH AVE Gibson Wells Rd 18th Ave LAKESIDE DR THREE WAY LN Osborne St Nicholas Rd BETHPAGE CHURCH RD Joe Bill Williams Rd Old Bells Rd 22ND AVE Dogwood Trl Hall Hay Loop Sanders Bluff Rd HWY 79 17th Ave Northwood Blvd 25TH AVE 32nd Ave Trenton Hwy Enger Rd Old Trenton Humboldt Rd Bill Edwards Rd 6TH AVE B, L EDWARDS RD, Gibson Wells Brazil Rd Jim Jackson Rd OF HWY 45 BYP N Milan Hwy HIGHWAY 45 Thelma Richardson Rd HIGHWAY 45 BYP Fruitland Edison Rd Fruitland Eldad Rd Fruitland Rd Hudson Rd PETER SMITH GRAVEL RD Sanders Store To Milan Rd HWY 186 Small Oak Dr Double Springs Rd CHURCH ST Lonnie Barber Rd HIGHWAY 152 Tj Scott Rd Newt Blackwell Bogle Loop FREEMAN RD Smith Scott Rd Bruce Hardaway Rd Cc Tucker Rd Bl Edwards Rd ST RTE Gibson Hwy MEDINA HWY State Route 420 RTE 186 POPLAR CORNER RD, Kyle Ln Esquire Bennett Rd, Leslie Scruggs Rd Esquire Estes Rd Esquire Hunt Rd Wilson Steel Rd Myrtle Mcree Rd Maple St Manus Rd Rc Mathews Rd Newt Blackwell Rd ALAMO HWY Little Scott Ln Janie Jones Rd Horners Loop Rd MAIN ST HWY 45 BYP HWY BYP Layman Rd SALLY T COOPER RD Humboldt Gibson Rd Humboldt Gibson Wells Rd Humboldt Hwy US HIGHWAY 45 BYP Raymond Walker Rd State Route 186 N State Route 186 S HUDSON RD B L EDWARDS RD S BOGLE LOOP RD Champion Rd US Highway 45 W ESQ BENNET RD ESQ ESTES RD R C MATHEWS RD RICHARDSON RD T J SCOTT RD HWY 152 State Route 186 N US Highway 79 S Us Highway 79 N MAPLE ST & 22ND 38355 HERRON AVE Division St SPRING CREEK HWY Kennedie Farmwood Dr Cedar Hill Dr Foster Ave Quailwood Dr Silver Leaf Dr Summerfield Graves Loop Ext COLLEGE ST GRAVES LOOP RD Holly Ln Mcadoo Rd Friendship Rd Willow Spgs KAMBRIDGE DR Roy Hargrove Rd Caleb Dr Ridge Rd Michelle Cir Julius Cv Willow Springs Dr Summerfield Dr HERRON AVE N Spring Creek Hwy Lonnie Holt Paul Hale Rd Crooked Creek Ln Haddington Cv GOWAN AVENUE EXT  BLACKMON RD WITT ST 2ND MARKET BLACKMON ST Verano George Anderson Rd Bakers Chapel Rd MASON RD Sparrow Cv Jabez Dr Verano St Kennedie Kennedie Dr KENNEDIE DR Westwind Dr Watt Boone Rd Conner Cv Lancaster Dr 533 Bakers Chapel Road Riverbirch Ln Highbury St PARK ST Spencer Dr FOSTER AVE Stone Ridge Cv Norwich Cv Old Medina Rd Old Medina St 160 Lonnie Holt Road Middle School Rd Middle School St PERIMETER PL Walter Kee Dr Cardinal Cv Westminster Cv Thornton Cv Highway 45 Byp S Julius Cv Milan Hwy Campbell St Sycamore Cv King Ave SMITH CHAMBERLAIN RD FOSTER AVE W MEDINA MIDDLE SCHOOL RD Southern Hills Dr Turkey Creek Rd LONNIE HOLT RD BOBBIT RD US HIGHWAY 45 CHURCH ST W Church Ave OF SPRING CREEK HWY END OF ROWLETT ST GOWAN EXT MAIN ST N MAIN ST S OF FOSTER AVE SPRING CREEK HWY 143-115 Pinewood Cv Indian Trl Canvasback Short Leaf US HIGHWAY 45 E Short Leaf Dr Mays St Southern Hls HWY BYP S Jr Chandler Rd 2nd St STATE ROUTE 152 Bakers Chapel Rd Hwy. 152 LEWIS RD Dogwood Chronicles Dr CHURCH ST Phillip Hale Rd Summit Dr JACKSON HWY Magnolia Cv Kensington Cv Paul Hale Road CHESTER ST Kennedie State Route 187 T Piercey Rd Hwy 45 By-Pass Witt Rd Ainsley Cv Pagemont Dr Vista Dr Cool Springs Trl Cotton Patch Cv Hartfield Dr Mathis Xing Arbor Oaks Shadow Creek Ln Arbor Oaks Cv TARA DR Arbor Oaks Dr Annie Russ Rd Reed Cir Reed Circil CHESTER ST Phillip Hale Cove Shadow Crk Cotton Row Rae Cv Hwy 45 E JOSHUA DR Rowlett Ave Augustus Cv BOB WITT RD GREEN DRAKE CV Edward Mays Ln Hidden Creek Cv Harvest Ridge Ln Floyd Rd Center Grove Rd Colonial Ext Railroad St Colonial St Liverpool Cv Juno Cv 2ND ST Hanna St 5 Gilbert Lane PIERCEY LN Cumberland St Gowan Sunset Ridge Ln Bobbitt Rd Paulmerston Dr Kaycee Cv Sungate Dr Kennedie Dr HWY 45 E Lonnie Holt Rd Division St HIGHWAY 152 MEDINA RD Kambridge Stavely Rd Fawn Ridge Ln Enfield Cv 2nd St Bryce Cv Mary Kay Dr Dogwood Cv Duffey Dr Saddle Club Rd Colonial St 15 Middle School Rd Cypress Cv CHERRYWOOD PL Stillwater Ln Bluebird Cv Canvasback Dr MAIN ST MARKET Lila Ln KINGS AVE Garrott Dr Livingston Cv COUNTY LINE MARKET AVE Gilbert Ln Mount Zion Rd Meadowlark Lesia Lesia Dr Kambridge Kambridge Dr Dana Dr Nowell Rd Barnes Rd Castleton Cv BEN BARNETT RD Meadowview Dr Key Senter Rd CALLOWAY CV HIGHWAY 152 Spring Creek Hwy Thornton Dr Meadowlark Cv Bunney Bunney Ln SPRING CREEK MEDINA RD Pin Oak Cv Kambridge Summit Dr Gowan Ave PARK BLVD Medina Humboldt Hwy SPRING CREEK RD, Garrett Dr, Oak Tree HIGHWAY 45 E Lone Oak Dr MEDINA ST Richmond Dr Steven Dr BOONE RD Foutch Rd Amherst Cv Featherstone Cv Grace Cv London Cv Three Oaks Dr MT ZION RD Christmasville Rd Canvasback Long Leaf Dr Bridge Stone Cv J R CHANDLER RD Riley Cv Featherstone Oak Tree Dr Church Ave Summit Campbell St Church St Stonecreek Ln Cedar Hill Cv Silver Leaf Barnett Rd Hidden Valley Ln MAIN ST HIGHWAY 45 Church Ave DEPOT BILL GARRETT RD CENTRAL ST MAIN ST HIGHWAY 45 S 38358 Medina COUNTRY VIEW RD Rushing Rd Chapman Rd Morris Ln Timberline Cv NAPOLEAN LUTHER RD HIGHWAY 79 N NAPOLEON LUTHER RD Timberline Dr HIGHWAY 45 Killen Rd Browning Hills Cv MILAN HWY S Farm Ln Hope Hill Rd Cathleen Cv McMinn Rd Hunter Jones Rd Mathis Crossing Rd EW TOWATER RD SEAVERS RD Morning Meadow Ln Nelson Cv Seavers Rd First St MEDINA HWY COUNTRY SQUARE RD Bob Killen Rd Dt Barksdale Rd Station Rd SWEEDIE PARISH RD D T BARKSDALE RD WINDSOR RD Chapel Hill Rd Rushing Cv Roy Hargrove Rd BARREN FIELD DR Barren Field Rd State Route 187 J Scott Rd Mullins Ln SMITH ST Esther Ln OLIVIA CV Davis Rd MEDINA HWY Dogwood Wahl St Carroll St Ellington Dr CARAWAY HILL RD Caraway Hills Rd CUMBERLAND RD Pillow Dr PILLOW ST TANGLEWOOD DR Telecom Dr AIRPORT RD Oasis Rd Manner Frank Rd BOGLE BOGLE LOOP BOGLE LOOP RD Thompson St Fox  Meadow Cv CUMBERLAND ST Telecom Telecom and St Rte Highland St Spain Dr Lake St Keel St Union Central Rd Herbert Neal Rd Hughes Loop Front St HUGHES LOOP RD Lusk St CEDAR ST Rushing HUGHES RD Ratliff Dr Main St Salem St TYRA ESTATE DR Dogwood Cv CATES ST Powell St KELLY ST Mayo Cook Rd Farrow Ln Peoples St Maple Ave Hillcrest Dr Wilbur Nelson Rd Golden Eagle Rd Middle Rd Jackson St Hunter Hts Roseland St HALE ST MARTIN RD CHERRY ST WILBURN NELSON RD Brentwood Dr HOLT DR Chris Cir Hays St Shady Creek Rd College St Tn 187 & Telecom Dr King Dr Dedmon St Milan Hts MILAN  WY Amanda Cv PEACHTREE ST Coldwater Cv CLAUDE JONES RD SANDERS RD WALNUT GROVE RD SALEM RD LATHAM CHAPEL RD Sutton Dr HIGHWAY 70 AIRPORT RD Pratt Cemetery Rd SANDERS STORE MILAN RD Sanders Store Rd Willow Trace Dr GARMANY ST Pope St IDLEWILD HOLLY LEAF RD Idlewild Hollyleaf Rd Milan Arsenal Hwy Salem St KEFAUVER DR 2nd St Robinson St Eagle Cv VANHOOK STINSON south first street CUNNINGHAM ST BOB MARTIN RD Denney Dr Oakhill Dr Lot 3 Parker Lot 4 Parker Farm Ln HIGHLAND AVE Stewart St SUTTON ST Dreamwood St KEIL ST Dale Dr Main St THOMAS DR 1st St HIGHWAY 79 EARL CIR Ellis St Earl Cv Woodlawn St Baird St HOPE HILL CEMETERY RD Crestview Dr Thomas Grove Rd Cherry St Lake Crest Cv Briarwood Cv CROSS ST Short Anderson St Dogwood Ln Jackson St DENNEY DR BOBBY BURGESS RD DONALD ST Cunningham St Gibson Hwy VAN HOOK Van Hook St Pierce St Dell St LEONA ST 1ST ST Randy Ln OLD BURLINGTON RD R A GOODMAN RD Van Hook St Industrial Dr Oakwood Cir Karin Dr Flowers St HWY 79 Flowers Subdivision Rd MAIN RTE 186 Broad St 2ND ST VAN HOOK ST Fields Dr Willard Willimson Rd Argus St Rhodes St Atwood Hwy Cantrell St Welton St Bringle St Douglas St Meadowbrook Cv Concord Cades Rd Sheppard St Caldwell Dr Patton St MIMOSA TRL Meadowbrook Dr WILLARD WILLIAMSON RD St Rte PATTON ST EXT Hill St HARRIS ST Chickadee Dr VAN HOOK ST E T J SCOTT RD Planer Dr LAKE DR Mcallister St Hawthorne St Creekside Dr ROBIN GLEN DR Airport Rd Lea Ln Robin Glenn Dr DENNY DR FIRST STREET AT R S Ragsdale Dr Goodman Dr Williamson St Black Dog Rd Oak Grove Rd Thomas St Farm Lane JONES BLVD Buddy Neal Rd Front St ARNOLD DR Hartsfield Dr Ford St Verdell Cv Verdell St Tj Scott Rd Flippenfield Rd Sunset Rdg MEADOWBROOK Nance St 1st St PRATT CEMETARY RD Walnut St Ra Goodmann Rd Honeysuckle Ln Turner St FLOWERS ST 1ST ST N 1ST ST S JACKSON ST BRADFORD HWY E BRYANT ST E CHERRY ST E CRESTWELL ST CRESWELL ST & SHEPARD ST FRONT ST NW FRONT ST SW FRONT ST & WALNUT ST FRONT ST EXTENSION KEFAUVER DR & CALDWELL DR KEFAUVER DR & STINSON ST L & N ST L and N St R MIDDLE ST MT PLEASANT RD CATES ST W MAIN ST Reasons Blvd ROBINSON ST E Harris St SALEM ST W SHEPARD ST TRENTON ST VAN HOOK ST W MILAN HOUSING ATHY WHEELER ST WILBURN NELSON RD WOODROW ST W Short St WILLIE T CROCKER RD BROWNING RD POPLAR SPRINGS RD Main St Oaklawn St VAN HOOK ST Denton Fly Rd Heritage Way Clemmer Dr OAKWOOD DR Trenton Hwy Lepayne St MANGRUM RD Arnold St Burrow Ln Rolling Mdws Dove Field Cv Mckellar Cv Moore St Mckellar St Scotts Cv Horton St Liberty St Belew Dr Shoreline Dr OAK HILL DR JAX RD Denney Dr PARKER LN Oakhill Dr OLD HARMONY RD ALGEE LN Culpepper Ext Shelia Dr Craig Dr Culpepper St CRESWELL ST Gann Rd Forrest Ford Rd Bradford Hwy 2ND ST Woodrow St MCREE CIR Brookwood Dr Terry St Windsor Dr GOLD MEDAL RD Forrest Hl LONNIE HOLT RD Barger St LIBERY ST Lake Crest Cv GRABALL RD OTHA HOLT RD Dolly Tom Dr Harris St Barham St ANDERSON ST Brookstone Dr DENNY DR E SWEETIE PARRISH RD James Burrow Rd Ennis St Woodrow St Forrest St MAIN ST Park Ave Wildwood St Fairfield Dr Anderson Street Ext Keaton St Frank St Boulton Rd Cades Atwood Rd SITKA RD Germantown Rd JACKSON ST Cades Cv Stinson Rd Oakwood Rd Stinson St Deerfield Dr Denney Drive Hilltop St Bryant St Cherry St Kestner St Taylor St AIRPORT LN Woodhaven Dr Oak Hollow Rd ATWOOD HWY B Pleasant Cv Phelps Ln

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