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November 5th, 2015

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This past few winters gave Tennessee and many parts of the south received a real jolt with record low temperatures, but many stayed comfortable around Pickwick Lake in their log cabins all season burning just a cord of wood and using radiant floor heat.

It’s a myth that log homes never get a good energy rating, if built tight these homes can be some of the best eco-friendly structures around, and are known to get Five-Star Plus Energy Rating through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program.

Energy efficiency isn’t the only reason many home buyers and second home buyers can’t wait to own their log home. Some of us simply want more land to exercise our horses and had always wanted a log home to eventually retire in. Often we start off buying several acres on dead-end roads, with spectacular views for weekend getaways, and the idea of making the spot a full-time residence someday.

Building a second or log home often takes time and a little effort. Often times there is land to clear, countless models to consider and you’ll want to work with your home builders design staff to make some modifications to any stock plan by adding more windows, expanded the kitchen or opening up a floor plan. And it simply goes without saying that we want a new home to be as energy efficient as we can get it.

When looking for a log home builder the first things to confirm is all the company’s materials are eligible for a five-star energy rating. The logs are pre-cut, lettered and numbered at the factory and then taken to the site to be stacked into exterior walls.

It’s better to position your log home for maximum sunlight and consider a deep open deck ringing the front and sides, which are perfect for entertaining. A log home on or near Pickwick Lake is a great place where we can have a few people over and not worry about the neighbors or keep a horse in a barn on the property, hike, or walk your dog in the nearby woods.

To get the energy efficiency you want to make sure those areas where air can leak out or in—corners and between the logs—are sealed.  I recommend using a stick framing in the roof and use a lot of spray foam in the corners, rafters and floor joists. The basement should be built with reinforced ICF (insulated concrete forms)—basically 2 1/2-inch-thick Styrofoam panels filled with concrete. And consider having the basement flooring complete with radiant heat floors like the rest of the home, which are fueled by propane.

According to the EPA, to achieve the highest energy rating, a new home has to have comprehensive air sealing, properly installed insulation, high-performance windows, a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, comprehensive water management system, and energy-efficient lighting and appliances. To achieve this many home buyers purchase Energy Star appliances, LED lighting and an air-exchange system and if your log home is really tight, consider installing a heat recovery ventilator (HRV) in the basement to bring fresh air in from the outside.

When building your log home be sure to get familiar with the Home Energy Rating Score (HERS), which shows all the extra steps taken in construction will pay off. The HERS index is a number between 0 and 100 that represents a home’s energy use compared to homes of similar size and shape that were built to the minimum energy code. For example, a home with an index of 80 means that it uses 80 percent of the energy consumed by a similar home built to minimum code.

After a home is built, a third-party rater or local utility company collects data from tests such as the blower door, which measures air infiltration, to come up with a rating. A friend of mine just completed building their new home and came in at 47, which got a five-plus rating and they were pretty proud of that. Because the score was so good the people who did the test thought their machine was broken. Not only will my friends save energy and see savings on their utility bills, but they also received several energy efficient rebates offered by local, federal and even utility companies.

For a log home to be truly wonderful, it should be beautiful as well as functional. I’m a fan of knotty cedar for the interior of the pine log house. It makes a great contrast with a kitchen’s that has blackish granite counters and gray slate tile as well as the teak hardwood floors used in the rest of the home. Teak floors are really durable for a dog’s claw and work well with the radiant heat, which can fluctuate with the temperature and humidity.

If you’re thinking about that second or retirement home, consider log cabin living, on any of Tennessee’s landings were the horses, dogs and you have plenty of trails to roam as well as a cozy, warm home and barn. It’s quiet and relaxing and the views are phenomenal. What more could anyone ask for?

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CHERRY CHAPEL LOOP Light Pt Native Leaf Cv River Breeze Est Rd Sawmill Branch Ln HWY 69 & HOLLY BRANCH RD HWY 69 & HWY HWY 69 & WHITES CK RD Acorn Ln Dew Drop Rd HWY 69 OFF OF Mathew Ln Warrior St Pickwick Rd Pickwick St Pickwick St S Lucky Trl CHERRY CHAPEL LOOP JOANNE LOOP RIVERFRONT DR Freeman Dr Irish Setter Ln Wayne Rd Darlington Dr Linda Dr Bethel Ln Porch Swing Ln BRIARY LN Dewayne Ln Tackett Ln Belmont St Blazing Trail Sequoia Pl SEQUOIA PL RIDDLE RD Pinson Way Arthur St Harville Ln Fawn Ln ODLE LN Claybrook Dr Chestnut Ln Dogwood Pt Galloway Cv BARTLEY DR Maple St Crabapple Ln Heartland Ln Lucy Loop LUCY LP Bruton Branch Rd Highway 203 Travis Way Sp Rogers Ln Porch Swing Cv Mcginley Loop Bruton Rd Flairwood Cv Coffee Landing Rd Malcomb St HUCKLEBERRY LANE & BRUTON BR Breck Cv CEDAR COVE LN Olivet Dr Fullen Ln Crabapple Trl Quartet Cir Brick Ln ABBIE WAY Rachel Way Collins Ln Massey Ln Breckenridge and Susie Cv Daisy Ln HIGHWAY 128 SPARKS BEND LN Cave Hollow Ln TONY WAY Wilkinson Ferry Rd Int. of Hghway 128 & Creek Ridge Rd Walnut St Bf Terry Cir Russell Chapel Ln Wilkinson Ferry Dr B F TERRY CIR HWY 128 38425 Brandon Ln David Ray Rd Old Ferry Rd THOMAS HOLT RD Frank Hughes St Ruble Dr Helton Dr Riley Ln WATER ST E Prater Ln Rivers Edge Ln WATER ST W Leisure Ridge Rd Creek Ridge Rd Forrest Ave Ben Ray Loop River Ridge Rd Lot 1 Sugartree Falls HIDDEN HOLLOW RD Wc Pickett Rd C PICKETT RD TVA Rd Swinging Bridge Rd TOM HOLT RD Nance Bend Rd WARREN HOLLOW RD POLK ST Nance Ln Doll Conway Rd DICUS LN Lone Rider Ln New Beginning Ln Ragans Trl SUNRISE LN JAMES RIDGE RD Hugh Nance Ln Long Rider Ln ELM ST NEUSE ST CULPLS BEND RD EAGLE VIEW RD LAPA LN PETERS LADNING LAPA LOOP PETERS LNDG CULPS BEND RD Patmore Ln SENATOR COBB RD 3RD ST FURNACE LANDING DR Furnace Landing Rd James K Polk St MORRIS AVE Buttam Hollow Rd Pillow St GARDEN ST RAY HOLLOW RD RIVER EDGE LN Jeter Rd Lake Dr Sparrow Loop Pevahouse Hollow Rd SHIRLEY BATES RD CHURCH ST E Jerry Prater Rd Joe Rd JOHNSON ST Miller Dr Ray Rd 4TH ST Lala Ln SETH DR HURST ST STEELE ST HWY 128 & SEWELL BRANCH RD SEWELL BR WATER ST COLONEL JAMES HARDIN DR SKYLINE DR Beechview Seth St Paradise Landing Rd Chapel Farm Rd Adams Loop Riverstone Marina WALNUT ST Tomahawk Ln POPLAR ST W COL JAMES HARDIN DR Col James Hardin Rd Stockade St Howell Hollow Rd Raymon Pulley Rd MT TABOR ST BUNDRANT ST Col James Hardin Dr ELM ST W HAYNES HOLLOW RD Sunset Dr Streaming Water Loop Of Bill Nance Hwy Hester Dr PETERS LANDING RD PETERS LANDING SPUR skyline dr Hideout Hollow Rd Norwood Ln River Rd River Rd. the Point-Next To Boat Ramp Tirin Rd T S STRIBLING LN GENEVA RD Tinin Rd Cypress St Sewell Branch Rd 2ND ST W Goodman Rd Selph St ACCESS RD FACTORY DR Main RIVER RDG POWELL BRANCH RD Robert Starnes Rd DEVERS ST LINDEN HWY Hardin Bottom Rd LINDEN HWY-TN RIV Powell Circle Rd Hardin Creek Rd RIVER RD Tinn Rd HIGH ST Mount Tabor Church St Newland Mayhut Trl PILLOW ST 2ND ST TATER BUG LN CARROLL RD Ross Creek Rd Ross Creek Ridge Rd HWY 128 Pillow St PILLOW ST W FLIPPO BRANCH RD Horton Rd CHURCH ST Dan Richardson Rd Faerie Trl GUN ST Highway 114 Beechview Rd Water St Wheat Branch Rd BEECHVIEW LOOP Shirley Bates Dr MORRISON CREEK Morrison Creek Ln Morrison Creek Rd Buffalo Meadow Ln Vine St MAIN ST Neuse St MIDDLETON LN CARROLLVILLE LANDING RD CLEVELAND ST Lesley Ln Billy Nance Hwy SCENIC CIR CEDAR ST Beech Creek Ln BEECH CREEK LOOP Beech Creek Rd Beech Creek Loop 1003 and 1005 WC Pickett Rd Jwoodson Ln Middleton Rd Beechview ACKIES LN Beechview Dr FACTORY ST Highway 128 Whiteoak Rd E FORREST AVE Whiteoak Rd W Sunset Steve Smith Rd REBEL CV Grinder Rd Elm St Ts Stribling Ln Kiki Cv Ashlyn Ln KEITH DR At Wayne County Line Hwy Harnisch Rd Dobber Rd Scenic Dr CROSSNO CEMETERY RD Linden Hwy CHURCH ST LOCH LOMAND DR AIRPORT RD Riverstone Loop Adams Loop Riverstone Riverstone Adams Loop Alley Ln 38475 Smith Fork Rd Standfill Ln OLD BETHLEHEM RD Jowers Rd Persimmon Ln Randall Ln BETTY LN COPPERHEAD LN LONESOME PINE RD Low Water Bridge Rd Panther Ln PINEY GROVE LOOP Beckham Hollow Rd Old Man Loop Baptist Loop Comanche Ln Wise Way ARCH LOOP Olive Hill Rd Chinaberry Ln Hwy 64 PEACEFUL LN COY HILL ROAD & HWY 64 Hacker Ln HARBOUR PITTS LN RANDALL LANE & OLIVEHILL RD Cerro Gordo Rd Accessed HULEN LN Will Brown Rd OLIVEHILL RD School House Ln Bigbie Ln CERRO GORDO OLIVE HILL RD Good Life Cv Tl Daniels Ln Melson Way Mystic Springs Ln Lavender Ln Reed Ln COY HILL ROAD & JOWERS RD LOWE WAY Flat Gap Creek Rd CERRO GORDO RD Cat Hollow Ln CREEK RIDGE RD BIRDIE LN Coy Hill Rd Simmons Ln Highway 64 Hidden Cave Ln Old Man Loop Dark Way STANFILL LN 38001 38002 38004 38006 38007 38008 38010 38011 38012 38014 38015 38016 38017 38018 38019 38021 38023 38024 38025 38027 38028 38029 38030 38034 38036 38037 38039 38040 38041 38042 38044 38045 38046 38047 38048 38049 38050 38052 38053 38054 38055 38057 38058 38059 38060 38061 38063 38066 38067 38068 38069 38070 38071 38075 38076 38077 38079 38080 38083 38088 38101 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38390 38391 38392 38393 38401 38402 38425 38449 38450 38451 38452 38453 38454 38455 38456 38457 38459 38460 3846138462 38463 38464 38468 38469 38471 38472 38473 38474 38475 38476 38477 38478 38481 38482 38483 38485 38486 38487 38488 38501 38502 38503 38504 38505 38506 38541 38542 38543 38544 38545 38547 38548 38549 38550 38551 38552 38553 38554 38555 38556 38557 38558 38559 38560 38562 38563 38564 38565 38567 38568 38569 38570 38571 38572 38573 38574 38575 38577 38578 38579 38580 38581 38582 38583 38585 38587 38588 38589 38740 38746 38759 38764 38762 38703 38769 38720.38917 38923 38943 38947 389574 38176 38632 38637 38641 38651 38654 38671 38672 68680 38686 38901 38902 38924 39063 39079 39095 39146 39169 39192 38721 38754 39038 39097 39166 39194 38601 38655 38673 38675 38677 38874 38949 38633 38635 38679 38685 38642 39402 38649 38647.38925 38967 39747 38767 38606 38619 38620 38621 38658 38665 38666 38606 38609 38617 38621 38628 38643 38646 38670 38963 38964 38732 38736 38737 38751 38753 38754 38759 38761 38771 38773 38778 38963 39038 38621 38626 38664 38665 38670 38676 38920 38921 38927 38928 38950 38958 38962 38963 38966 38701 38702 38703 38704 38731 38658 38901 38922 38927 38948 38953 38961 38965

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