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October 8th, 2015

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Swiftwater Neighborhood

Greenville, Mississippi

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Italian Club Rd/S Main St area median real estate price is $82,535, which is more expensive than 43.3 percent of the neighborhoods in Mississippi and 11.5 percent of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

The average rental price in Italian Club Rd/S Main St is currently $998, and average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than 78.2 percent of the neighborhoods in Mississippi. If you rent and live in this neighborhood, owning a home would be much more affordable. 

Home and apartment vacancy rates are 8.5 percent in Italian Club Rd/S Main St. The rate is lower than 54.5 percent of the neighborhoods in the nation, and near the middle range of vacancies.

Italian Club Rd/S Main St is a suburban neighborhood located in Greenville, Mississippi, and primarily made up of medium sized three or four bedroom to small studio to two bedroom single-family homes. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters. Many of the residences in the Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood are older, well-established, built between 1940 and 1969, with a number of residences were also built between 1970 and 1999.

When you see a neighborhood for the first time, the most important thing is often the way it looks, like its homes and its setting. Some places look the same, but they only reveal their true character after living in them for a while because they contain a unique mix of occupational or cultural groups. This neighborhood is very unique in some important ways.

The government often provides some of the more stable jobs in the economy. From local, to state, to federal government workers, the government can also be a major employer. The Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood in particular stands out when compared nationally to the proportion of its working residents who are employed by the government, with 13.2 percent of its workforce, this neighborhood has a greater concentration of government workers than 95.4 percent of U.S. neighborhoods.

The neighbors in the Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood in Greenville earn modest incomes, and lower than 60.7 percent of U.S. neighborhoods.

What we choose to do for a living reflects who we are. Each neighborhood has a different mix of occupations represented, and together these tell you about the neighborhood and help you understand if this neighborhood may fit your lifestyle.

In the Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood, 44.8 percent of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants, with 25.2 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations at 17.5 percent, and 13.2 percent in government jobs, whether they are in local, state, or federal positions.

Culture is the shared and learned behavior of peoples. Undeniably, different ethnicity and ancestry have different cultural traditions, and as a result, neighborhoods with concentrations of residents of one or another ethnicity or ancestry will express those cultures.

In the Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood of Greenville, MS, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as English at 9.2 percent. There are also a number of people of Sub-Saharan African ancestry at 9.1 percent, and some of the residents are also of Scots-Irish ancestry at 2.2 percent, along with some Italian ancestry residents at 1.6 percent, among others.

The most common language spoken in the Italian Club Rd/S Main St neighborhood is English, spoken by 90.6 percent of households, followed by 5.5 percent of households who speak Arabic.

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