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September 2nd, 2016

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Slidell 70452 & 70458 Louisiana

Haaswood/Saint Joe Neighborhood

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The median real estate price in the Haaswood/Saint Joe (Alton – Ashton Oaks – Ashton Parc – Audubon Place – Village of Guthrie – Mossy Oaks – North Forest – Northwood Village – Oak Grove Estates – Oak Ranch – Pittman Place – Stonebridge – Tuscany Estates – Village Guthrie – Village Square – Whispering Forest – Whisperwood) neighborhood of Slidell, Louisiana is $166,575, which is more expensive than 68 percent of the neighborhoods in the state and over 47 percent of the neighborhoods in the country.

The average rental price in the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood is currently $1,075, and the average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than nearly 74 percent of the neighborhoods in Louisiana. Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied.

Haaswood/Saint Joe area is a suburban neighborhood located in Slidell, Louisiana, and the residential real estate is primarily made up of medium sized three and four bedroom to small studios or two bedroom single-family homes and other multi-family housing options like condominiums, town homes, duplexes, and apartments. Many of the residences in the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood are established, but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999, while a number of residences were built between 2000 to present day.

The Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood has a vacancy rate over 14 percent, which is above average compared to other neighborhoods nationwide. To learn more about this neighborhood vacancy rate and its effect on your home buying or selling options, consult your real estate agent.

Many things matter about a neighborhood, but the first thing most people notice is the way a neighborhood looks and its particular flair and why it’s important to learn all you can about the neighborhood you plan to call home.

Your future neighbors in the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood of Slidell earn middle class incomes, and this neighborhood has a higher income than over 52 percent of the neighborhoods in America.

In the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood, nearly 31 percent of the working population is employed in sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is manufacturing and laborer occupations, with almost 28 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations at almost 25 percent, and about 17 percent in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

The Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood stands out nationally for having a greater proportion of its residents active in the military than nearly 98 percent of all other neighborhoods in America. If you come here, you will notice military people active in their jobs, going to and from work, and in plain clothes out and about the neighborhood.

The most recent census placed the population of the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood well within their maximum population limits set by the USDA, and according to the census, many, if not all of this area could be eligible for government insured zero down payment home loans. A product designed to assist modest to middle class income earning home buyers in rural and semi-suburban areas for obtaining home ownership.

Each neighborhood has its own culture derived primarily from the ancestry and culture of the residents who call these neighborhoods home. Likewise, each neighborhood in America has its own culture, some more unique than others, based on lifestyle, occupations, the types of households, and importantly, on the ethnicity and ancestry of the people who live in the neighborhood. Understanding where people came from, who their grandparents or great-grandparents were, can help you understand how a neighborhood is today.

In the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood of Slidell, Louisiana, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as German or Italian at almost 18 percent. There are also a number of people who report French roots at over 15 percent. Some of the residents are also of Irish ancestry at more than 14 percent, along with some English ancestry residents at almost seven percent, while over one percent claim Spanish roots, among others.

The most common language spoken in the Haaswood/Saint Joe neighborhood is English, spoken by over 96 percent of households. While less than one percent of residents speak a native American language at home, it’s nearly 97 percent greater than any other neighborhood in America.



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Alton – Ashton Oaks – Ashton Parc – Audubon Place – Village of Guthrie

Mossy Oaks – North Forest – Northwood Village – Oak Grove Estates

Oak Ranch – Pittman Place – Stonebridge – Tuscany Estates – Village Guthrie

Village Square – Whispering Forest – Whisperwood








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70452 70458 Alton – Ashton Oaks – Ashton Parc – Audubon Place – Village of Guthrie – Mossy Oaks – North Forest – Northwood Village  – Oak Grove Estates – Oak Ranch – Pittman Place – Stonebridge – Tuscany Estates – Village Guthrie – Village Square – Whispering Forest – Whisperwood

70452 Snow Polk Rd Rhonda Rd 2nd St Archie Singletary Rd Racehorse Rd Henry Rd Montecello Ct Church St Ac Pine St Ext Henry Gaines Rd Elmwood Dr Spruce Dr Ed Yates Rd John Smith Rd Dolph Gaines Rd Lester Dr Reed Rd Ashland Dr Sullivan Pl Forest Ridge Loop Alamosa Ln Barnwood Dr Becky Lake Dr Boss Bowman Rd Briarwood Cir Bud Blackwell Rd Bud Howell Rd Calhoun St Carey Rd Craddock Ln James Crosby Rd Crowes Landing Rd Danny Polk Rd Max Mercer Rd Diane Dr Frank Jackley Rd GALLOWA RD M Gramka Rd Highway 36 Houmas Ct HUDSON RD Hudson St Jessie Singletary Rd John Polk Rd Matt Craddock Rd Mattie Rd Maxi Ln McNeill Ln MCQUEEN RD Mike Slaughter Rd Milbank Ln Milton Craddock Rd Morgan Galloway Rd MERCER Son Moore Rd Oak Ln Oakley Blvd Pat Smith Rd Peach St Pichon Rd Pony Run Prentiss Talley Rd Quinn Rd Doe Run Dr Rabbit Run Roy Smith Rd Saint Paul Dr Southern Woods Ln T Ellis Rd Tara Ct Turkey Run Versailles Dr Welch Rd Willis Aly Woodlake Way Markham Dr Hidden Oaks Ln R Singletary Rd Gum St Highway 1091 Thistledown Ct Cutter Cir Miller Rd Yupon Dr Jennifer Ln Silas Thomas Rd Martha Dr FRANK BLACKWELL RD Shinglemill Rd 6th St Joe Moore Rd Powerline Rd Heifer Run Monroe Crawford Rd 16th Section Rd Ash St Aunt Massey Rd Barrington Ct Blueberry Loop Boyet St Camelia Cv Chanticleer Dr Cobb Hammock Rd Coci Rd Aleman Rd Contessa Dr A CRADDOCK LOOP Dalton Craddock Rd Damon Crowe Rd Davenport Rd DOLL FACTORY RD Dunn Rd Moran Rd Ridgewood Dr Summerfield Loop Fielder Ln Florence Ln Fox Run Morgan Galloway Rd Garden Park Ln Genie Dr Greenhouse Rd Harper Rd 2 Harry Kerlec Rd Highway 41 Honey Island Swamp Rd Highway 1091 Jack Thomas Rd JASPER RD John Anthon Rd John Crowe Rd Preacher Kennedy Rd Lacy St Levi Ln Lou Rd Mandot Rd Michel Dr Oakland Dr Okefenokee Rd Old Military Rd Patricia St Pearl St Chris Kennedy Rd Pointer Ln Purcella Rd Rosedown Dr Russell Crowe Rd Hickory Dr Melrose Ct Saint Mary Dr Salmen Crawford Rd I 59 Service Rd Swan Rd Tom Jones Rd Vinson Rd Virginia Dr Porter River Rd Ravenwood Dr Williams St Willis Oberry Rd Yvette Dr Cross St Parkwood Loop Joan Dr Gum Creek Rd Chris Kennedy Rd Jack Crawford Rd Oak Downs Dr Tupelo St Powerline Rd Powerline Rd Ext Parlange Dr Easy St Harper Rd 2 Harper Rd 2 Allison Ln Bill Stoltz Rd Teat Blackwell Rd Bruce Rd Buck Dr Buck Run Commercial Dr Dalton Thomas  Rd Dan Willis Rd Denise Dr Diamond B Ranch Rd Doe Run Donny Rd Doug Crowe Rd Ebb Guillot Rd Elizabeth Ct Ella Singletary Rd Emily Ct Fogg Ln Frierson Rd Glen Ct Hermitage Ct Highway 41 J Bar Y Rd Jerry St Jim Parker Rd Kennedy Ln La Ind Pit Rd Labiche Ln Lock One Rd Logan Dr LOU GALLOWAY RD Lovern Rd Michel Dr 5th St Summerfield Loop Howard Oberry Rd Old Highway 11 Pat Downey Rd Pecan Dr Pump Slough Rd San Francisco Ct R Singletary Rd 16th Section Rd Son Moore Rd Highway 41 Spur Central Ave Stevens Rd Susan St 7th St Victor Rd Ridgewood Dr Waverly Ct Wild St Leslie Ln Velson Polk Rd Cecil Fleming Rd 3rd St Birch Ct D G Holley Rd Holmes St Wilson Ln Hickory St Possum Run Yearling Loop Alton Fogg Rd Bocage Dr Cedar Ln Choctaw Ln Claude Polk Rd Crawford Ln Curtis Singletary Rd Elm St Glencoe Ln Glover Rd Haas Rd Haas Rd Hollie Rd Jasper Toney Rd Larry Bennett Rd 2nd Ave 3rd St PITTMAN RD Ravenwood Dr SINGLETARY RD H Spruce St Ted Kennedy Rd WALNUT ST Forest Dr Magnolia Dr 4th St ACORN CT Cross St HIGHWAY 41 N Hudson Street Ext MICHEL RD 4th Ave Onnis Evans Rd Provost Ln Robin Ln Shawnee Murphy St Summerlin Ln SUNMOORE RD Tot Polk Rd Walker Rd Walnut Dr Venture Dr Lot # 8 Moldaner Ct Pinewood Cir HIGHWAY 41 Leighton Ct Porter River Rd Stallion Run Abney Farm Rd Allen Crawford Rd Michael Dr Ann St Beauvoir Ct Benny Crawford Rd Boyd Rd C Williams Rd Cornihe Rd EARLMON ABRAM RD Gracie Ln Harper Rd 2 Holdsworth Ln Honey Island Swamp Rd J E Sticker Rd Longwood Ct Max Mercer Rd Moldaner Ct 4th St Forest Ridge Loop 16th Section Rd Sid Crawford Rd Moldaner Ct 446 Woodmill Ln Tupelo St. Biernacki Reed Rd Chantilly Loop Charles Anderson Rd T ELLIS RD D G Holley Rd Howard Oberry Rd Ext James Crosby Rd Lang Dr Levi Crawford Ln Rheusaw Crawford Rd Acorn Ct Preacher Kennedy Rd RHEUSAW SLAUGHTER B V Holifield Rd Fischer Dr Buckley Ln Markham Dr Thorner Rd Smith Rd Marle Dr Buck Run Oak St Nottoway Dr Beech St Michelle Dr Harper Rd 2 Amanda Rd Archie Crawford Rd Duke Rd T Ellis Rd FRANK BLACKWELL RD FIELDER RD Golden Ln Meadowlands Ln OAK RNCH Oley Crawford Rd MURPHY RD Taylor St Porter River Rd Archie Singletary Rd Radio Rd Burnside Dr Charlene Dr Cherrywood Ln Mangano Rd Pinewood Dr Pheasant Run Abney Rd Maple St Quail Run Woodlake Way Charles Anderson Rd Pine Alley Dr Bull Run Johnston Rd Acorn Ct Morgan Bluff Rd Bridgeway Ct Fischer Dr Connell Ln Highway 1091 Thorner Rd Wildwood Dr Bookout Rd Deer Run Rd Edgar Kennedy Rd Hickory Dr Chantilly Loop Highway 3081 5th St Lewis Ln Chantilly Loop Gus Baldwin Rd Sawyer Ct Howard Oberry Rd Byrd St Tranquility Dr Bull Run Dr Setter Ln Richland Dr Buck Provost Rd Ed Yates Rd Highway 41 Spur Penton St Bud Polk St Jason Rd Cherrywood Ln John Messer Rd Charwood Dr Nelson Landing Dr Michelle Ct Planer Mill Ct Oak Ranch Rd Garretts Prime Run Keller Rd Woodmill Ln Woodmill Loop 7th St 1st St Ellis Pine Street Extension Ot Josephine St Saint Michael Cir Porters Cemetery Rd Quinn Rd Windsong Pl Herman Singletary Rd Saint Michael Cir Belle Grove Ct Taylor Dr ROBERT RD Red Rooster Rd Harper Rd 2 Clifton Singletary Rd Teat Blackwell Rd North Blvd Crawford Rd Bancks St Lock Rd Dummyline Rd Nelson Rd Slaughter Rd Murray Rd Murray Road Loop Honeysuckle Ln Creekside Pl Sawmill Creek Rd Everard Rd Lacoste Rd Mockingbird Loop Pearl River Trce Smith Road Julia Dr HIGHWAY 41 Highway 41 Highway 1090 Setters Ln Oak Alley Dr Highway 41 Spur Highway 11 Joshua Loop Military & Crowe’s Landingrd Saint Jude Dr 37431 Rhonda Rd Pine Street Ext Everard Dr Holly Dr Ormond Dr Sipes Ln Woodlawn Ct Hawk Run Livingston Ln Log Cabin Ln Austin Cemetery Rd Military Rd Pete Rowland Rd Sticker Rd Wood Mill Lane Lot 79 Nelson Ct Connie Ct Ashwood Ln Taylor Rd Burns Rd Southdown Dr 62230 Hwy 1091 Old Mill Loop Mitchell St Lesley Ln Magnolia St Earl Bennett Rd Livingston Ln Raccoon Run James Crosby Rd Cherry Ln Street Fire Tower Rd Lynn Dr Evergreen Ct Casey Ct Hayes St Cherrywood Ln Maverick Run

70458 Alton Greenwood St Redwood Cir Darwin Dr Dixie Cir Eddie Savoy Rd Englewood Dr Pheasant Ln Audubon Dr Sugar Mill Dr Mary Dr Knights Dr Oakwood Dr Bluebird Dr Branchwood Dr Regent Parc Blvd Celeste Cir Sanctuary Dr Bilten St Rama Dr Sydney Cir Grace Dr Marina Dr Marina Villa Dr. North Lakeshore Ests Berkley St Theresa Ct 200 terry Christopher Dr Clara Dr Palm Dr Anita Pl Portside Ln Clipper Dr 457 San Christobal Ct Dauphine St Selbourn St 6th St Carr Dr Clara St Cape Brenton Dr Cape Breton Dr Bluefield Dr Amanda Dr San Cristobal Court Lot 81 Lighthouse Point Azores Dr Heritage Cir Broad St Solomon Dr Rosa St Jacob St Evella Dr 1656 Vela Cove Rio St 40 Wilbur St 41 42 Wilbur St 43 44 Wilbur St Mariners Cove Blvd Possum Hollow Rd Highlands Dr Independence Dr Shortcut Hwy Country Club Blvd Bermuda Dr 290 MOONRAKER Gretel Cv Bosworth St Meredith Dr Abney Dr Airport Rd Grafton Dr Tasmania Ct Wedgewood Dr Pine Shadows Dr La Quinta Dr Oxford St Logan Island Ct Anna St Braxton Dr Nottingham Dr Croydon St Everest Dr Bernay Dr Oak Ln Possom Hollow Rd Lincoln Rd Clover Dr 1048 Clipper Drive Charles Ct Augusta Ln Mariners Cove Blvd 1st St 8th St Cypress Cir Rainey Rd Riviera Dr Island Dr Queens Dr Crescentwood Loop Effie St Yorkshire Dr Windward Passage St Cresentwood Loop Windward Page Weeping Oak Ln Clipper Drive For Rent Ozone St Groggins Mill Ln Jayson Dr Oriole Dr ST TAMMANY AVE Sassafras St Spinnaker Dr Scott Dr Leonell Cir Annette Dr 4133 Dauphine St Southwood Dr Gause Blvd Sherwood Ct 10th St Tammany St Country Dr Kensington Blvd Lorelei Cir Pinewood Dr 46 Inlet Cove Maple Cir Kasey St Evergreen Ct Maris Stella Maine Ave Live Oak Dr Islander Dr Highway 1091 Asheville Dr Grandview Pl Highway 11 Mirecourt Dr Mire Ct Hawthorn Ct Eastridge Dr Pine St Pinetree St Redbud Dr Pennsylvania Ave Honors Point Ct Lakelawn Dr Sonoma Ct Duncan St Chubasco Ln Rue Orleans For Rent Chess Dr Brushfire Ln 8th St Richmond Dr 2nd St Meadowdale Dr Fountain Dr Howze Beach Rd Hailey Ave Gayoso St Dolly Madison Ct Codifer St Cawthorn Dr Lot 50 Laquinta Bishops Dr Civic Club Ln Erlanger St Galeria Bl Landon Dr McKinney Rd Robert St Tanglewood Dr Regatta Cv Carr Drive Spinnaker Dr Olive Dr Oak Ct Carina Cir Mission Hills Dr Kings Ct Barbados Ct Teddy Ave Grand Champions Ln Sleepy Hollow Ln Harbor Cv Bellingrath Ln Kent St Town Center Pkwy Martin Luther King Jr Dr Wildwood Ln Walnut St Eastwood Dr Harbor Dr 514 Bellingrath Lane Barbara Dr Masters Point Ct Alice Ave Dover St 604 Bellingrath Lane Barbara Ln Corby Dr Savannah Dr Vela Cv College St Pebblebrook Ln Parkway North Dr 436 Cousin St Third St Toulouse St Brighton Ln Slidell Ave Anthony Dr Markham Dr 124 Chimaera Lane Pinecrest Ct Cecile Ct Rama Dr Rama St Cuttysark Cv Meadowmoss Dr Joan Dr Indiana Ave Dale Ct Cardinal Dr Silver Maple Dr Rue Bordeaux Rue Calais Lighthouse Pt Rue Chartres Dale Dr Rue Corton Chestnut Ct Fairfield Loop Longleaf Dr Kostmayer Ave Walter Dr Peachtree St Beth Dr Kings Way Lakeland Dr Queens Dr Ponchartrain Dr Rue Latour Rue Lemans 5th St Rue Limoges Jubilee Pt Rue Miramon Defiance Dr Rue Rochelle Muirfield Ct Poplar Dr Rue Verand Normandy Dr Dewald Dr 618 Bellingrath Palm Dr Whitehall Dr Maple St Oak St Reine Ave Marsha Dr Highlands Dr Nellie Dr Lafitte Dr Mary St Westchester Pl Oak Grove Way Cypress Lakes Cir Almonaster Rd Thomas Dr Olympic Ct Rampage Loop Bard Cir Acorn St Ashley Ct Behrman St Boswells Dr Brian Dr Byrd St Canal St Castle Dr Chariot Ct Ciruti St Clark St Cypresswood Dr Dubuisson Rd Dwyer St Eleanor St Fiebelman St Firwood Dr Frank Pichon Rd GUZMAN ST Harris St Howze Beach Blvd Hudson St Hunters Creek Rd Jefferson Ct Lakeview St Liberty Ln Mapleleaf Cir Marywood Cir Middlebrook Dr Hawthorn Ct North St Oak Cir Palm Circle Dr Peggie Cir Ranger Pl Rickford Dr Rue Orleans Rustling Pine Dr Schley St Smart Pl Stanley St Tammy Dr Teal Dr Terrace Ave E 4th St William Dr HASELWOOD DR Kris Dr Tenth St. St Railroad Rd Silver Maple Dr Fremaux Ave Nickel Loop Carey St Fernwood Dr Desoto St Matthews Dr Queens Dr Biscayne Dr Timberlane Dr Almonaster St Ash St Beach St Bywater Dr Christian Ln Cotton Ln Crestwood Dr Danielle Blvd Darcy Ln Deanna Dr Dominica Ct El Centro Dr Franklin Ct Freedom Ln Greencrest Ct Hancock Ct Hemlock Ct Nicklaus Dr Marche Blvd Marin Cir Nuevo St Park Pl Pine Cir Rockhampton Ct Roosevelt Rd Pontchartrain Dr Wellington Ln Haine Ave Woodcrest Dr Queens Ln Columbia Pl Heather Dr Elmhurst Ct Mallard Ln Oak Tree Dr Arbor St Bradley Dr Brisbane Ct Candy Cir Carlisle Ct Casa Calvo St Commercial Ct Dean Rd Hall Ave PINE Groggins Mill Ln Jennifer Ln Lee St Lizana St Neal Ave Stonebridge Dr Ulloa St Brookwood Dr Belvedere Ct Stratford Dr Camellia Dr Kingston Dr Betsy Ross Ct Augusta Ln North Blvd Grand Champions Ln Chance Cir CLAUDE ST Cleveland St El Centro St Garrett Rd HORENCE ST Little Pl Martha Ct Richmond Dr Blanco Dr Mapleleaf Dr Blanco St Kings Ct Honors Point Ct Eydie Ln Autumnwood Rd Cayo St Dewey Dr SCHELLY ST SHIRLEY ST Turquois St 111 Carr Drive Joseph St Boykin Ln Clipper Dr Pontchartrain Dr HONORS ROAD CT Redbud Dr THOMPSON RD Honors Point Ct South St Behrman St KEPLER CT Oak Grove Way Public St Lot 50 Oak Harbor Subdivision Forest Dr Lakeview Dr Butternut Dr Spartan Loop STADIUM DR Tammy Dr Cumberland Dr Timbers Dr Mayfield St J P Ct Valiant Ln 170 E Augusta Ln 306 Palermo Dr. Canberra Ct Willow Cir Inlet Cove Loop Robert Blvd Vela Cove Mossy Oaks Dr Inlet Dr Hardwood Dr Huntington Dr 315 Michigan Maplewood Dr Pontchartrain Dr Alan Cir Oleander Dr Eddie Dr Lookout Pl Brittany Ln royal palm drive lot 20A Greencrest Dr Palermo Dr Southern Star Constellation Dr Escondido St Ondine Ln Section 46 R13 E St William Tell St Lakeview Dr WEDGEWOOD DR Wimbledon Ct Tupelo St Tallwood Dr David Dr Napa Valley Way 4th St Timothy Dr Constitution Dr 1390 Marina Dr. Naples Ct Ashton Parc Lindberg Dr Pinetree St Eden Isles Blvd BAYOU LIBERTY RD Loop Dr cuttysark cove Pebble Beach Dr Candlewood Dr Suncrest Loop Northam Ct Bayou View Pl Southern Star St 9th St Terrace Ave Lenwood Dr 11th St Ridgecrest Dr Jeff Cir Mariners Cv Silver Maple Dr Palm Cir Lots Near Lopez St Megan Ln Lopez St 7th St Camellia Dr Daney St Tuscany Dr 1652 Vela 1652 vela cove Coast Blvd Clearwood Dr Kelly Dr Intrepid Dr Royal Palm Dr Palm Dr Sgt Alfred Dr Park Dr Dubuisson St Lots 66 & Moonraker Dr San cristabol court Fairbanks St Palm Springs Dr Lorelei Cir Cousin St Southpark Dr Palm St Sun Valley Dr Bonfouca Dr. Lincoln Ave Oakridge Ave Forest Dr muirfield court Broadmoor Dr Driftwood Cir Suncrest Loop Millers Creek Ln Broadmoor St Bienville Dr Spanish Ct Corporate Square Dr Debbie Dr Nassau Dr Carmel Vly 109 MeadowDale Edgelake Rd Lakewood Dr Leonell Cir Belvedere Ct Bonfouca Dr Mockingbird Ln Lemos St Tammy Dr Mansfield Dr Front St Palmer Ct 327 Nassau Dr LOT 163 E Augusta Brownswitch Rd Terrace Ave Michigan Ave Snead Ct Pontchartrain Bridge Dr Highwood Dr Cleveland Ave Pine Cone Ln Dante Cir Dijon Dr Robin Ln Olympic Ct Galeria Blvd Short St Sirius Ln Terry Dr Plum St Florence Dr Arrowhead Dr Kelly Dr Miller Ave Village Cir Chimaera Ln Susan Ln 8th St Jayson Dr Peachtree St For Rent Palm Dr Martin Ln Johanna Ct Northshore Cir Mountain Ash Dr Melody Ln Middle Dr Elizabeth St Coventry St Cutter Cv Gayoso Dr Highway 11 None Briargrove Ct Briargrove Dr Sabre Ct Pinewood Dr 203 Moonraker 70458 Hummingbird Ln Weston Dr Cuttysark Cv Santa Cruz Ct 3RD ST Cape Breton Ot Jayson Dr Florida Ave Dee St Queens Dr Pine Forest Dr Margon Ct Arrowwood Dr Tanglewood Dr Patriot Dr Bryan St Ellwood Cir Eton St Bayou Liberty Rd 161 Clara 245 Bilten Ave Oak Cv Cambridge St Blackfin Cv Wyndham Ct Bayou Ln Spartan Loop Moonraker Dr Randall Dr LOUISIANA AVE 288 Cape Breton Old Spanish Trail Dr Old Spanish Trl Jacqueline Dr Timbers Ct Chantilly Ln Suncrest Loop Stonebridge Loop Westchester Blvd Palm Dr Brushfire Ln Weatherly Cv Canulette Rd Orchard St BRAKEFIELD ST Briarwood St Northwood Dr Hickory Dr Whisperwood Blvd Kempsey Ct Brokenbough Dr Forestwood Ct Spiehler Rd Washington Ave Hogan Ct Tracy Dr Dabney Dr Carollo St City Dr Thames Dr Cass St DIXIE RANCH RD Monaco Dr Washington Ct Camellia Dr 9 Sq 6 Centr Bosworthst Cypress Lakes Cir Cypress Lakes Dr Rhodes St Taos St Queens Dr Rooks Dr Parkbrook Dr Village St Dorset Dr Sapin Loop Ironwood Dr Spartan Dr Spartan Loop San Cristobal Ct Spartan Trace Blvd Forest Dr Spruce Cir Rue Toulouse 302 Palermo Dr Oak Harbor Blvd Bridge Dr Myrtle St

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