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April 28th, 2016

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Tulane Ave/S Prieur St 70112, 70113, & 70119 Neighborhood

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Tonti St New Orleans LA 70119

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The median real estate price in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana is slightly more than $199,600, which is more expensive than over 81 percent of the neighborhoods in the state and nearly 55 percent of the neighborhoods in the country.

The average rental price in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood is currently slightly over $1,025, and the average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than over 68 percent of the neighborhoods in the state. Most of the residential real estate is renter occupied.  In addition, 97 percent of the real estate in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St neighborhood is occupied by renters, which is nearly the highest rate of renter occupancy of any neighborhood in America.

Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) is an urban neighborhood located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and real estate is primarily made up of small studios to two bedroom to medium sized three or four bedroom multi-family housing options like condominiums, town homes, duplexes, and apartments. Many of the residences in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur Stt neighborhood are newer, built in 2000 or more recently, with a number of residences built before 1940.

Furthermore, homes built from 2000 through today make up a higher proportion of the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood’s real estate landscape than 95 percent of the neighborhoods in the country. When you are driving around this neighborhood, you’ll notice right away that it is one of the newest built of any, with the smell of fresh paint, and the look of young landscaping nearly everywhere you look. In fact, 45 percent of the residential real estate here is classified as newer.

Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) has a vacancy rate over 14 percent, which is above average compared to other neighborhoods in the country and higher than nearly 72 percent of neighborhoods in America. This could signal that large amount of new housing has been built and not yet occupied. Either way, if you live here, you may find a number of homes or apartments are empty. To understand how this neighborhoods vacancy rate affects your home buying or selling options, consult your real estate agent. 

When you see a neighborhood for the first time, the most important thing is often the way it looks, like its homes and its flair. Some places look the same, but they only reveal their true character after living in them for a while and why it’s important to learn all you can about the neighborhood you plan to call home.

Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood stands out within Louisiana for its college student friendly environment. This neighborhood is home to a number of college students and is relatively walkable. These factors make this neighborhood stand out for a good place for college students to consider. Because a number of college students live here, this neighborhood offers certain amenities nearby geared towards the student body. While it’s not an environment for everyone, ambitious scholars can enjoy the seasonal excitement between semesters and school breaks. For each of these reasons, the neighborhood is rated among the top college-friendly places to live in Louisiana.

Some neighborhoods have more cohesive than others. While other neighborhoods feel like a collection of strangers who just happen to live near each other. Sometimes this comes down to not only the personalities of the people in a place, but how long people have been together in that neighborhood. In the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood, a greater proportion of the residents living here today did not live here five years ago than is found in over 97 percent of U.S. Neighborhoods. 

Your future neighbors in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood of New Orleans earn modest incomes, and this neighborhood has an income lower than over 94 percent of all neighborhoods in the country. 

In the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood, nearly 44 percent of the working population is employed in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants, with over 30 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations at over 18 percent, and nearly eight percent in government jobs, whether they are in local, state, or federal positions.

Culture is shared learning behavior. We learn it from our parents, their parents, our houses of worship, and much of our culture, our learned behavior, comes from our ancestors. That is why ancestry and ethnicity can be so interesting and important to understand. Places with concentrations of people of one or more ancestry often express those shared learned behaviors and this gives each neighborhood its own culture. 

In the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as Sub-Saharan African at over 16 percent. There are also a number of people of African ancestry at over 15 percent, and residents who report Asian roots at almost 11 percent. Some of the residents are also of Spanish ancestry at four percent, along with some Jamaican ancestry residents at well over two percent, among others. In addition, almost 18 percent of the residents of this neighborhood were born in another country.

The languages spoken by people in this neighborhood are diverse. These are tabulated as the languages people preferentially speak when they are at home with their families. The most common language spoken in the Tulane Ave/S Prieur St (Tulane/Gravier) neighborhood is English, spoken by over 78 percent of households. Other important languages spoken here include Spanish and Chinese.


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70112 70113 70119 Tulane/Gravier

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