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March 30th, 2016

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Lorange 70422, 70443, & 70446 Louisiana

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Loranger LA

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Loranger (Brenton Place – Chateau Farms – Cross Creek – Doe Run – Highland Acres – Hilly Acres Estates – La Polo Farms – Loranger Trace) is a small town located in Louisiana, with a population of just under 11,000 residents and a single neighborhood. Loranger is the 47th largest community in the state, and the real estate here is some of the most expensive in Louisiana, although Loranger (Hilly Acres Estates) house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the country.

Loranger is neither predominantly blue collar nor white collar. Instead, having a mixed workforce of both blue collar and white collar jobs. Overall, Loranger (Hilly Acres Estates) is a town of sales and office workers, professionals, and construction workers and builders. There are especially a lot of people living in Loranger who work in office and administrative support at over 16 percent, sales jobs at nearly 10 percent, and management occupations coming in at almost seven percent.

The town is a quiet place, with its lower population density. Loranger (Hilly Acres Estates) has relatively few families with younger children, and this makes Loranger a pretty quiet place to live overall. If you like quiet, you will probably enjoy it here.

The percentage of adults in Loranger with college degrees are slightly lower than the national average of nearly 22 percent of all communities, with Loranger, coming in at just under 17 percent of adults in Loranger have a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

The per capita income in Loranger in 2010 was $22,232, which is upper middle class income relative to Louisiana, and middle class income relative to the rest of the US. This equates to an annual income of $88,928 for a family of four.  The recent census placed the population of Albany well within their maximum limits set by the USDA, and according to the census, many, if not all of this area could be eligible for government insured zero down payment home loans. A product designed to assist modest to middle class income earning home buyers in rural and semi-suburban areas for obtaining home ownership. 

The people who call Loranger home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number of Loranger residents reports their race to be White, followed by Black or African-American. Important ancestries of people in Loranger (Hilly Acres Estates) include French, German, Italian, English and Irish. The most common language spoken in Loranger is English. Some people also speak Spanish.

To learn more about this neighborhood and your home buying or selling options, consult your real estate agent. 


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Brenton Place – Chateau Farms – Cross Creek – Doe Run

Highland Acres – Hilly Acres Estates – La Polo Farms – Loranger Trace







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70422 70443 70446 Loranger Brenton Place – Chateau Farms – Cross Creek – Doe Run – Heighland Acres – Hilly Acres Estates – La Polo Farms – Loranger Trace

70422 Amite City Pine Grove The Garden District Velma Rd Mixon Ln Pine St Mixon Rd Highway 16 Lupo Ln Lawson Ln Mulberry St Gulino Rd Gill Rd 62336 Friendship Church Road Margaret Washington Ln Dudley Ln Vernon Ave Talmadge Crowe Rd Bert Lanier Ln Lasare Dr DOGWOOD CIR Saint Helena Ave Lions Rd 3rd St Ruth Holton Rd Gullett St Houltonwood Rd Olive St GEORGE MCCOY RD Airport Rd Bourgeois St Seraphim Dr Grandoe Rd Laurel St Wes Walker Rd 5th St Union Church Rd Hughes Rd Rushing Ln Sharkey Loop Eastwood Dr Sharkey Rd Casanova Ln Hardy St DRIFTWOOD LN Irwin Ln Magnolia Ave River Birch Ln Makinley Loop Dave Lanier Ln Snowfield Rd Central Ave Daniel St Providence Ests Binder Ln North St G P Barlow Sr Rd Cutrer Ln Center St Cedar St McClendon Ln Jack Liuzza Ln Tiger Ln Lake Superior Rd Chappepeela Ridge Rd Magnolia St James Rd Elm Ln Lakewood Ln Railroad Ave Bush St Duncan Ave Palmetto St McDaniel Rd Richard Wright Rd Company Rd Shiloh Baptist Church Rd McKnight Ln Bellot Rd Sherri Dr Mulberry St Serenity Dr Olivia Holton Rd Camille St Peggy Lee Dr Andrew Bankston Rd McCoy Rd Coney Rd Rising Fawn Rd Kelsey Dr Ardillo Ln Reid Ave Miller Ln L and L Ln Rutland Rd Cherry St Hillcrest Farm Rd Reid Rd Banks Ln Friendship Church Rd Hickory St Brady Ln 3rd St Rohner Rd Brumfield Holw Christopher Ln Courtney Ln DUNCAN AVENUE Hart Ln HIGHWAY 1048 John Colby Rd KATHERINE HOLTON ROAD Kings Rd MITCHELL ROAD Myles Ln NANCY LAICHE ROAD Quail Trail Rd Populis Rd Sassafras Ln Central Ave Temple Ln Leo Collins Sr St Burdette Lee Rd Jeff Bankston Rd Strahan Rd Wilson Dr Melanie Circle Snowcreek Rd Palmetto St Ellis Rd Ogden Ln Myers Rd 2nd St Lowery Ln Williams Rd Factory St Conti Rd Jeff Rowdon Rd Lowery Rd HIGHWAY 441 Graves Ln Hillcrest School Rd Way Dr 1st St Hundred Oaks St Smilin Acres Rd Richardson St Suzanne Dr Elm St Elk River Rd Colin Bridges Rd Hollie Ln Bell Rd Sassafras St Trinity Dr Magnolia St Cotton Ln Thomas Ln Ash St Virginia St Duluth Point Rd Central Ave Graham Rd Dogwood Ln Back Ridge Rd Sharpwood Ln Premo Ln Hampton Ln Chestnut St V/L Catfish Farm Rd Ohara Ln Longhorn Dr McCoy Ln Melanie Cir Campo Ln Bay St Corban Ln Larock Rd Horseshoe Dr Courtney Dr Quinn Rd Santora Ln Charles Davis Dr Glen Alford Rd Gatlin Ln Dummyline Rd Trabona Ln Myrtle St 3RD AVE Alex Ln Anderson Rd Beaver Run Rd Bluebird Ln Bookter Ave Bradford Rd Byrd Ln Canal Ln Cheek Ln Butler Ln Cleveland Rd Oak Club Deluxe Rd Cohnerley Ln Conrad Hebert Rd Cutno Ln Daughters Ln Davis Ln Deer Creek Rd Donahue Ln Durbin Ave Hurst Ln Edward Rd EDY RD Eli Ln Fifth Ward Rd Fisher Ln FORBES LN Forshag Ln G Ln Green Ln Gussie Ln Helen Butler Ln Henry Rd Highway 1047 Highway 43 Young Ln Horseshoe Rd E Idle Acres Ln IKE LN J B Ln J P Thomas Rd James Holmes Rd Jason Ln Johnnie B Ln Kansas Ln Karen Lynn Rd Thomas Rd Leonard Chapel Rd Livingston Ave Louisiana Ln Marilyn Rd Mary Ln Liuzza Ln Morgan Rd Notobby Ln Oak Ln Oakland Ln Oakwood Ln Opal Bennett Rd Pecan Hill Rd Pitts Rd Sam Crouch Rd 303 N. LAUREL ST Sawmill Rd Bay St School House Rd Smart Ln Terrell Rd THIRD AVENUE Tommy Dykes Rd UNITY LN Village Ln Walter T Ln Warren Ln Westmoreland Ln Will Rankin Ln Woodland Rd Zachary Rd Mandella Rd Bobcat Trl Frey Ln Friendship Church Rd North Pl Hollister Ln Bracy Ln Link Morse Rd Snowcreek Rd Oak St Wallace Rd Leonard Chapel Rd Essie Ln Cooper Rd 2nd St First St Taylor Creek Rd Lee Cemetery Rd Horseshoe Rd W Vining Rd Hickory Hill Farm Rd Floyd Rd Laurel St 10300 – 10304 Highway 16  724 west olive st Rising Fawn Rd Bickham Chapel Rd North Ave Conn Ln UNA KENYA DR South St Bell Rd Shelby Mixon Rd Central Ave Daniel St Rodeo Dr Halbert Rd HILLCREST FARM ROAD NORTH COOPER ROAD White Rd Easley Dairy Ln Willie McCoy Rd Highway 1045 Highway 1046 Highway 1054 Ella Dr Lovers Ln Highway 1061 Alford Ln 1st St Willie Zanders Ln Pine Meadow Rd Davis Branch Rd Roosevelt Dr Voight Rd Anderson Ln Paul James Rd Carrier Rd Clemons Ct Bennett Rd 11044 W. Hwy 16 Bankston Rd Short St Myrtle St Duncan Ave Old Mcmichael Rd Pecan St Mary Brown Rd Squirrel Run Ln Hayden Rd Church St Oak St Tuminaro Ln Foulks Ave Doe Run Dr Old Reid Rd Roy King Rd Division St Seibert Rd Saint Catherine St Parker Ln Ponders Quarters Ln V Lambert Rd Highway 445 Hancock Ln Ritchie Rd Spruce Ln J Catha Dr Kamael Dr Populis Rd Walnut St Mitchell Rd Brickyard Rd Muse Dr Puleston Rd Israel Cutrer Rd Muse Ln Huey Lowery Ln Lilly Pad Pond Rd Rolling Pines Rd Morris Retreat Rd Big Creek Rd Spellman Ln Wayne Stevens Rd Sarah Ingersol Rd Pine St Holden Cir Savanah Dr Olive St Old U S 51 Goldsby Ln Holden Ln Laiche Ln Katherine Holton Rd Leander Ln Julie Dr Sycamore St Buniff Ln Robin St Harrison Rd Toby Dr Canal St Hickory Ln Cades Cove Rd Factory St Highway 51 J S Miller Rd Uneedus Trace Rd Dykes Ln Jay Tract Rd Carroll Dr Lot 19-21 Clemons Ct Briar Patch Cemetery Rd Toni Dr Storey Rd Watson Ln Pine Rd

70443 Liuzza Farms Independence LACOX DR 11263 Hwy 190 Cason Rd Riverwood Dr Cason Road Ext Reverend J White Rd Bennett Rd Crossover Rd Noto Rd Greer Ln Frank Ln Fralick Ray Ln Toney Rd Indian Creek Ln Piazza Rd 3rd St Sagona Tranquility Dr Dick Hodges Rd J W STILLEY CIR Mandella Rd Frank Murphy Rd RR 1 Leonard Ballard Rd Evans Rd Dickson Ln Highway 51 S Elbert Stewart Rd Charlotte Dr Clements Rd Faust Ln 8th St Mason Denver Ln Schiro Rd Sam Herring Rd Warren Ln Azalea Ln Railroad Ave Ernest Stilley Rd Ernest Stilley Rd 8th St Berry Bowl Rd DEER LAKE TRAIL DEER LANE TRAIL Michelli Rd Danna Rd Ivy Springs Dr Sweetwater Rd 2nd St Bluff Line Rd LA 442 LA HWY 441 RAYMOND RUSSELL RD SELDERS RD SELDERS ROAD Tom Williams Rd Triola Ln Richardson Rd Fontana Ln Cooksey Ln Harris Rd Ferina Ln Evans Rd Turkey Creek Rd Breaux Rd 51 Hwy 40/Third Hwy 51 Black Cat Rd Paradise Park Masonic Temple Dr Acey Allen Rd Alessi Rd Paradise Park HIGHWAY 40 WEST ISRAELITE CHURCH ROAD Mahogany Ln RAGUSA ROAD PURVIS RD Guerin Ln Mount Temple Church Rd Digiovanni Ln Alessi Rd Puls Rd Cherokee Trace Trl Ivy Whiddon Rd Robertson Rd Cherokee Trce Hwy 1065 Hwy Hall Ln Cooper Rd Horseshoe Rd Leto Ln Gulotta Ln George Mashon Rd Horseshoe Rd N Highland Trce Brickyard Rd Tiger Ave Tracey Ln Bill Stilley Rd Calhoun St Wilson St Bruno Ln Mahogany Rd Larussa Ln Labruzza Ln Stilley Rd Loria Ln Glendale Dr Durbin Rd Ford Ln George Rd Lamonica Rd Horseshoe Road Oak St Wesley Rd Maddox Rd Longleaf Dr Vaccaro St Distefano Ln Cypress St Ball Cooper Rd 6th St Vicari Rd Shady Ln Carter Purvis Rd Nell Lynn Ln Lathers Ln Highland Tr Marretta Ln Highway 1054 Allen St Highway 40 GUZZARDO LN Old Highway 40 Highway 40 E Albin Rd Highway 1063 Highway 1065 Highway 40 W Railroad Ave River Bend Dr Powell Dr Red Hill Rd Old Highway 51 Dixon Ln Railroad Ave DOMIANO LN Addison Rd Copperhead Rd Amato Ln Airline Ln 4th St Marion Maurer Ln Wall Rd Mary Kinchen Rd Highway 43 Hoppy Ln Cason Rd Fontana Ln Jacobsen Ln 5th St Carlton Ln Fontana Rd Ambassador Dr Webster St Hubert Stilley Rd Baker Rd DOUGHTY LN Mashon Rd FULTZ LN Highway 442 Hill Rd Hillary Ln Jackson Ln Highway 442 E LENOIR LN Leo Rd Leonard Chapel Rd Lewis Ln Nichols Dr Sessions Ln Tulane Ave Easley Rd Israelite Church Rd Sirchia Ln Barnes Rd Vilardo Ln Ragusa Rd VITRANO LN Cutrer Ln Black Cat Rd Jones Rd Frazier Ln Stewart Rd Viola Ln Maggio Rd Dimattia Ln Durbin Rd Alexander Rd J L Kinchen Rd Millenium Trl Pine St Hendry Rd Leon Wagner Rd Pine Grove Church Rd Finch Ln Abrams Rd School Rd River Wood Ln Starnes Rd Harrison Ln Garner Ln Wiggins Rd Mason Dever Ln Tom Dimm Ln Harrison Milton Ln Capace Rd Bennett Rd Lamarca Ln Lamarca St Kemp St Catfish Farm Rd Hano Rd Larussa Ln Mumphrey Rd Ridgecrest Dr Charles Sinagra Ave River Ridge Dr Barnett Rd Saragusa Rd 

70446 Loranger Uneedus Livingwater Rd MOURNING DOVE DR Doggone Dr Robert Perkins Rd Redbird Ln Beechwood Dr Stone Ridge Dr Prevost Ln Prevost Ln Grace Ln Prevost Ln Trails End Ln Eastman Ln Charles Ave Acre St Charles Ave Hwy 1062 Camillia Ln Elery Clement Rd 54212 Ellis Blvd. Gleber Rd Cory Acres Dr CATHERINE DR Cory Rd Simmons Road Cross Ln Denver Brown Rd Green Mdws Wascom Ln Hwy 40 Hwy 445 & Hwy Simmons Farm Rd Cooper Rd Rock Ridge Dr Chapman Rd Currier Ln Easley Rd Ditta Dr RICHARDSON LANE Overmier Rd Leonard F Husser Rd Reid Rd Gleber Drive Briar Patch Cemetary Rd Bradley Ct Delaune Rd Ellis Blvd Jaelyn Dr Highway 442 Highway 443 Highway 445 School Rd Harper Ln Cooper Rd Talmadge Husser Ln Simmons Rd Neal Rd Brennon Ln Liberty Ln CORY ROAD DOHM RANCH LANE SPARROW LANE SHORTY WILSON RD Marie Ct Neal Acres Rd Gateway Dr Kerri Michael Rd Ruby Rd Company Rd Lacey Lee Ln Jessie Baham Rd Cook Rd Lester Rd Lester Ln White Oak Rd Pineywood Rd Oak Hill Estates Rd Bradley Ct Whitney Dr Robert D Brown Rd Forest Hills Rd Tbd Ellis Bl Bailey Loop Rd ALFRED RICHARDSON RD Beau Pl Ravenwood Dr Green Meadow Dr Osceola Rd Wheat Crest Ln Caitlyns Way Gliderport Rd Cosner Ln Savie Ln Galatas Rd Loranger Cemetery Rd Acadiana Pl Loranger Rd Allman St Loranger Trce Bethel Rd Harmon Trce Old Uneedus Rd Bradley Ct Porter Ln Hillcrest School Rd Bradley Ct Lanier Creek Rd Chappepeela Rd Reimers Rd Briarpatch Cem Rd Lester Rd Gleber Dr 23306 Hwy 1062 Gleber Dr Ext Gleber Ln Saint Charles Ave Cyprian Rd Wig Ln NULL RD Chateau Farm Ln 52217 Hwy 40 Milkplant Rd Sparrow Ln James Earl Dr Brunett Rd Lanier Rd Simon Husser Rd Al Brown Rd St Charles Ave Chadwick Ln Brushy Branch Ln Passman Rd Hickory Ridge Trl Averett Rd Pops Ln Saint Charles Ave Straughan Nursery Rd Golf Course Rd Creekside Dr Crepe Myrtle Dr Narretto Rd Bradley Ct Red Wolf Trl Deerfield Sullivant Elizabeth St Peterson Ln Taylor Dr Dohm Rd Hwy 40 Hwy 442 Hy Joiner Ln BANKSTON ROAD BEAU PLACE LANE CLEMENT ROAD Firehouse Rd Lyndel Ln Wolftrack Way Osmond Chadwick Rd Richardson Ln SIMMONS FARM ROAD Wildflower Dr Klein Rd Bezue Ln J Bankston Rd Duhe Ln Allen Dr Michael Paul Dr Hiatt St Firetower Rd H Cologne Rd Bradford Ln Cousan Rd Quail Hollow Rd Dogwood Dr Highway 40 Phillips Path Saint Charles Ave Highway 1062 Virgil White Ln Doolittle Ln Gleber Drive Bienvenu Subdivision Stilley Rd Jafiwile Rd Penny Ln Grey Wolf Trl Lanoux Ranch Rd St Charles Ave Vitrano Park Rd

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