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March 24th, 2016

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Albany 70443, 70711, & 70744 Louisiana

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Albany LA

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The median real estate price in Albany (Acadian Trace – Canaan Land – Crossroad Estates – Destinys Acres – Holden – Meadow Circle – Sweet Pea Acres) is a small community located in the state of Livingston Parish, Louisiana. With a population of under 1,100 residents and only one neighborhood, Albany ranks as the 210th largest community in the state. Albany has become a growth central in recent years and seen a significant amount of newer home breaking ground in recent years. Albany’s new home construction is the result of not only new residents moving in, but jobs, a healthy local economy, or other amenities the area affords.

When you come to know your future neighbors in Albany, you’ll notice that many work solid blue-collar jobs than most other communities in America. In fact, more than 38 percent of Albany’s employed work is in blue-collar jobs, while America’s average is only slightly under 28 percent.

Overall, Albany is a community of sales and office workers, construction workers and builders, and service providers. There are especially a lot of people living in Albany who work in office and administrative support nearly 24 percent, management occupations at just over eight percent, and sales jobs at under seven percent.

Because there are quite a few people attending college in Albany, it is thought of as a college townIn Albany, just under 12 percent of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, which is a bit lower than the national average of nearly 22 percent for cities and towns.

The per capita income in Albany in 2010 was just under $21,000, which is a middle class income relative to Louisiana, and a modest income level relative to the rest of America. 

The recent census placed the population of Albany well within their maximum limits set by the USDA, and according to the census, many, if not all of this area could be eligible for government insured zero down payment home loans. A product designed to assist modest to middle class income earning home buyers in rural and semi-suburban areas for obtaining home ownership. 

The greatest number of Albany residents reports their race to be White, followed by Black or African-American. Important ancestries of people in Albany include Irish, English, French, German, Hungarian and Italian and the most common language spoken in Albany is English.



Livingston Homes for Sale

Acadian Trace – Canaan Land – Crossroad Estates – Destinys Acres

Holden – Meadow Circle – Sweet Pea Acres








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70443 70711 Acadian Trace – Canaan Land – Crossroad Estates – Destinys Acres – Holden – Meadow Circle – Sweet Pea Acres

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70711 Hwy 43 North Hwy Leslie St Wagner Rd Tbd Jericho Dr Crain Rd Pea Ridge Rd Jericho Dr J Kinchen Rd Joe Lena St Charles King Rd 28864 Wagner Road Victor Hugo Ln James Chapel Rd N Eda Blunt Rd Karli Ln Longfellow Ln Tbd Julia St Fekete Rd Bates Rd Earl Jones Rd Deerwater Rd Vivian White Rd Herman Bankston Rd Lente Ln Leroy Shaffett Rd Boss Stewart Rd Etta Blount Rd Noah Ln Cafe Line Rd Sec 32 T5s R6e La Hwy Pea Ridge Rd Florida Blvd 29270 Gene Shaffett Lane Old C C Rd PO Box 29483 West St MONTPELIER RD Lonnie Ln ESCO WATTS RD J C STEWART Lavigne Ln Wade Russell Rd Amvets Rd Julia St Macon Dr Oak Dr Henry White Rd Firmin Farms Rd Tbd Bob Smith Rd Trappers Run Highway 190 28625 Lindsey Erin Ln Trappers Run Rd Jacob St Hwy 43 Parker Branch Rd J Wilson Rd Beregi St Prokop Rd C Stewart Cafe Line Rd Deaux Run Adagio Ln Evangeline Ln Symphony Dr Pine Dr Dogwood Ln Bates Pine Hill Dr Cousins Rd GARNER ST LA HWY 43 MARTIN PALMER RD PINEY WOODS RD Bob Smith Rd Forbes Rd PINE HILL DR RHODUS RD SYMPHONY DR Wiley St William Jones Rd Ross Trl Hutchinson Cemetary Rd Hutchinson Cemetery Rd La Highway 43 Gabriel Ln Brent Alan St Carpenter Rd Derald Murphy Rd Lowe Ln Mathes St NORTH CAFELINE J C Stewart Rd Pine Oak Dr Pit Stop Rd Sherwood Ln Stephanie Anne Ln Sziszak St Thompson St  pea ridge road Highway 43 L Cleveland Rd Carroll Rd Bankston Rd S Lindsey Erin Ln Starkey Rd Pea Ridge Rd 5 Lots 2.7 To 3.3 Acres Per Savannah Dr Harry Sherman Rd Mary Kinchen Rd Kinchen St La 43 Hwy

70744 Wisconsin Ln Country View Ln Kristi Ln EFFERSON RD Lake Brandy Dr Hoyt Ln Coker Vail Rd Abbott Stewart Rd Hwy 1036 Ginny Ln Deer Ln James Vaughn Rd Pine St Gill Rd Abbott Stewart La Hwy 441 Margaret Dr Doyle Rd Lakeview Ln Pierson Rd Jack Gill Rd James Chapel Rd N James Chapel Rd S Leroy Hano Rd Lake Sabrina Dr Hickory St H Rhodus Rd RR 1 Charles Methvien Rd D Hutchinson Rd Phillip Richardson Ln Dan Pierson Rd Lazy Lake Ln BLOUNT RD Richardson Dr Cherry Ln James Chapel Rd Annie Hano Rd Coy Kinchen Rd Oak Ln 190 Hwy M McLin Rd Courtney Ln La 42 Hwy Bahama Dr Edgar Mizell Rd LA HWY 1063 LANSDOWNE DR La 442 Hwy Broussard Rd L J Methvien Rd Denham Springs Tickfaw Acres Rd Lake Ora Dr La Hwy 1036 Cowart Rd Hood St Lakeview Dr 28484 Lindsay Tabor Rd Hancock Rd Weston Hano Rd Lard Rd Hob Hodges Rd Hopkins Rd Pecan St Woolery Ln Oak St Bennett Rd La Hwy 42 Hano Ln LA HWY 42 Onellion Rd Costanza Ln George White Rd Saucier Rd THIRD ST Lindsay Tabor Rd Pete Bankston Rd 27705 Margaret Dr Firetower Rd James Chapel Rd S John Barber Rd Shadow Lake Dr Shadow Lake Dr Eastwood Ln ARNETT RD Augusta Ln 5th St Bellwood Dr Curtis Williams Ln Chabina Ln ED JACKSON RD Duffy Ln Elsie Gill Rd ESCO WATTS RD LA HWY 43 HERMAN HUTCHINSON RD HOWARD VARNADO RD LOWER ROME RD Wh Rhodus Rd Mitchell Rd State Hwy RHODUS RD McCullen Rd Florida Blvd Firetower Rd Hwy 42 Sidney Woods Rd CHARLES HOLDEN RD Pete Smith Rd Lorin Wall Rd Henry Norred Rd Carl Hodges Rd Lee Field Rd 4th St Oak Aly Norred Rd PAMELA LN Collett Rd Dubois Rd Frank Ballard Rd Lezu Ln Peplow Rd Phillip Richardson Rd S MONTPELIER AVE Edna Kinchen Rd Mabel Ellen Ct Hwy 1036/Charles Holden Fir St Hoover Rd Hills Rd Jill Rd Durbin Ln Norma Jean Ln Whitehead Rd Hwy 441 Hurst Ln FOUNTAIN YOUNG RD Glynn King Rd Highway 1041 Highway 441 L L Ln Page Ln Scarle Ln T C King Ln Warner Ln Joe Johnson Rd MYRTLE ST La 1036 Hwy Riverlane Rd River View Ave La 441 Hwy Tickfaw Dr Hinson Rd Hull Ln Stafford Cemetery Rd Highway 1036 Ez Ln

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