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September 24th, 2016

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N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave Area 70805 Neighborhood

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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The median real estate price in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave (Belair Homes Belfair Homes East Fairfields – Eaton Place – Highland Gardens Addition – Nellie Dougherty Prescott – Prescott Place – Standard Heights) neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is $78,950, which is less expensive than 86 percent of all the neighborhoods in the state and nearly 90 percent of all the neighborhoods the country.

The average rental price in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood is currently $650 a month, and rents here are currently lower in price than over 88 percent of all the neighborhoods in Louisiana. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters.

N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave area is an urban neighborhood located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and residential real estate is primarily made up of medium sized three and four bedroom to small studios or two bedroom single-family homes, and other multi-family housing options like condominiums, town homes, duplexes, and apartments.

Many of the residences in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood are older, well-established, built between 1940 and 1969, while a number of residences were built between 1970 and 1999.

Home and apartment vacancy rates are just under 10 percent in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood is near the mid range of vacancies.

The way a neighborhood looks and feels when you walk or drive around it, from its setting, its buildings, and its flair, can make all the difference when choosing a neighborhood to call home.

The N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood is unique for having just under five percent of adults over the age of 25 having earned a bachelor’s degree, and a lower rate of college graduates than found in nearly 97 percent of all the neighborhoods in America.

Whether by choice, divorce, or unplanned pregnancy, single moms may have the toughest job in the book, and the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood has more single mother households than over 96 percent of the neighborhoods in the country. For those moms looking to get ahead, consider home ownership with the FNMA My Community MortgageFHAFHA 203K, or FNMA HomeStyle Renovation loan programs. These home financing tools could be one of the best things you could do for your family.

If your dream is to be able to ride your bike to work each day, look no further than this unique neighborhood, and join the other four percent of residents in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood commuting on a bicycle to and from work daily. 

Your future neighbors in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood in Baton Rouge earn modest to middle class incomes, and this neighborhood has an income lower than nearly 85 percent of all neighborhoods in the country.

In the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood, nearly 33 percent of the working population is employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants, with 31 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations at almost 20 percent, and 17 percent in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

Each neighborhood has its own culture derived primarily from the ancestry and culture of the residents who call these neighborhoods home. Likewise, each neighborhood in America has its own culture, some more unique than others, based on lifestyle, occupations, the types of households, and importantly, on the ethnicity and ancestry of the people who live in the neighborhood. Understanding where people came from, who their grandparents or great-grandparents were, can help you understand how a neighborhood is today.

In the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as French at nearly six percent. There are also a number of people of English ancestry at over one percent, among others.

The most common language spoken in the N Foster Dr/Winbourne Ave neighborhood is English, spoken by almost 99 percent of households.


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Belair Homes – Belfair Homes East Fairfields – Eaton Place

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