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April 14th, 2016

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Maryland 70714, 70807, & 70811 Neighborhood

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

The Home Buyer’s Korner

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Morvant Rd Baton Rouge LA

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The median real estate price in the Maryland (Beechwood – Engleswood North – Harding Heights – Harding Terrace – Maryland Farms – Parkwood Terrace – North Harding Heights – Sunshine Gardens – S J Lavey Property) neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is just over $118,400, which is more expensive than over 40 percent of the neighborhoods in the state and nearly 27 percent of the neighborhoods in the country.

The average rental price in the Maryland neighborhood is currently just north of $700, and rents here are currently lower in price than well over 80 percent of all neighborhoods in the state. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters.

Maryland area is a suburban neighborhood located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and real estate is primarily made up of medium sized three and four bedroom to small studios or two bedroom single-family, manufactured and modular homes, and other multi-family housing options like condominiums, town homes, duplexes, and apartments.   

Many of the residences in the Maryland neighborhood are well established, but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999, with a number of residences built between 1940 and 1969.

Maryland has a vacancy rate in excess of 15 percent, which is above average compared to other neighborhoods in the country and higher than nearly three quarters of the neighborhoods in America. To understand more about this vacancy rate and its relationship to your home buying or selling needs, consult your real estate agent.

Many things matter about a neighborhood, but the first thing most people notice is the way a neighborhood looks and its particular flair and why it’s important to learn all you can about the neighborhood you plan to call home.

Your future neighbors in the Maryland neighborhood of Baton Rouge earns modest incomes, and this neighborhood has an income lower than over 71 percent of all neighborhoods in the country. 

In the Maryland neighborhood, over 28 percent of the working population is employed in sales and service jobs, from major sales accounts, to working in fast food restaurants. The second most important occupational group in this neighborhood is manufacturing and laborer occupations, with 27 percent of the residents employed. Other residents here are employed in executive, management, and professional occupations at nearly one quarter of resident, and nearly 20 percent are in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations.

Culture is the shared learning behavior of peoples. Undeniably, different ethnicity and ancestry have different cultural traditions, and as a result, neighborhoods with concentrations of residents of one or other ethnicity or ancestries will express those cultures. 

In the Maryland neighborhood of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as English at nearly five percent. There are also a number of people of Sub-Saharan African or African ancestry at around four percent. Some of the residents are also of Asian or French ancestry at around two percent, among others.

The most common language spoken in the Maryland neighborhood is English, spoken by nearly 95 percent of households, while over two percent speak Spanish.


Livingston Homes for Sale

Beechwood – Engleswood North – Harding Heights – Harding Terrace 

Maryland Farms – North Harding Heights – Parkwood Terrace

Sunshine Gardens – S J Lavey Property







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70714 70807 70811 Beechwood – Engleswood North – Harding Heights – Harding Terrace – Maryland Farms – North Harding Heights – Parkwood Terrace –  Sunshine Gardens – S J Lavey Property

70714 Baker White Hills Willow Wood Acres Thornton Place Tristian Village Whispering Oaks White Hills Seville Place Rolling Acres Phares Place Parkwood Terrace Park Ridge Parc Chaleur Winside Place Palen Grove Oak Hollow Meadows Of Chaleur Mchugh Leland College Annex Landry Place Landale Hausey Estate Harding Terrace Feliciana Daniels Place Country Lane Chemin Place Buffwood Brown Heights Bolwood Acres Bakerfield Baker Trails Baker TownsitesBaker Oaks Baker Lots and Acres Baker Hill Baker Heights Baker Estates Caravel Ct Glengarry Dr Ribbonwood Ave Stone Dr Comite Dr Talmadge Crumholt Rd Wynell Dr SLEEPY HOLLOW DR 74TH AVE 46TH ST OAKLAN DR SHERWOOD ST ST KATHERINE ST Middlewood Dr BEECH ST ENTERPRISE ST LAKE CALASIS CT ST GERARD AVE HOOPER RD Garland Ave Pheasantwood Dr Willowmore Dr EL SCOTT AVE Lancewood Dr Ardoon Dr CHOCTAW DR BELVIN DR GOVERNOR DERBIGNY DR HALLMARK DR MIDWAY AVE ROSEWOOD ST STILT ST Plank Rd Wedgewood Dr KINGSTON DR SHARON HILL BLVD LANDSDOWNE RD 68TH AVE Willowmore Dr AMY DR Lazy Oak Dr Monhegan Ave PERKINS RD LAKE VISTA DR Sleepy Oaks Dr Rathmoor Ave Melban St Gretna Green Dr Dundee Dr Partridgewood Dr Loch Fyne Ave Cline Dr Loudon Ln Amerest Ave Teakwood Dr White Oak Plains Ln Whispering Oaks Dr Centerra Ct Maleda Dr ERIE ST Northwood Dr Tallowwood Ave Lebrent Ave Cadiz Dr Evans Dr Seville Ave Walker Dr Brthany Dr AST DR Jackson St Ray Weiland Dr Perkins St Villere Dr Ector Dr College Ave Parkway Dr Harrison St Crosley Dr Country Ln Paola St Starhill Ave Oaknolia Way Dr Yvonne Dr Johnston St Fausse Dr Mississippi St Adair Ave Cypress Wood Dr John Mark St Melpomene Dr Trotter Dr Garfield St Coolidge St Cayuga Dr Faith Ave Circle Dr Davis St Texas Ave Baker Blvd Baker Daveco St Ashland St Roman Dr Evanston St Twin Oaks Dr Magnolia Dr Bank Street Ext ALIEF Alief Ave Laurel Hill Ave Rue De Valeur Old Baker Rd Fourchon Dr Vail Ave Shilo Ave Buras Ave Buffwood Dr Rue Douceur Sprucewood Ct Hays St Ski Stone Dr RR 2 Don Ave Rue Jennifer Barrington Dr Chamberlain Ave Florida Ave Parklan Dr Rue Michelle VAIL RD Lake Mary Dr Rue Nicole Epperson St Blairstown Dr Toledo St Main St Douceur Dr Woodward Dr Azie Ave Lot B3b Sandy Dr Sinbad St Pettit Rd Rue Shaylyn Rue Splendeur Myrtle Ave Rue Von Heur Sherron Ave Acres Ct Johnston St Woodward St Waters Edge Ave Candletree Ave Hoover St Spur Ln Gibbens Payne Ave Robinson St Charlton Rd Myrtle Trail Dr Ocallaghan Ln Whitehead St Louisiana Ave Morvant Pl Morvant Rd Hovey Ave Bains Ct Morvant Pl Lavey Ln Breckenridge Dr Buchanan St Fausse Dr Baker Blvd. Bentley Dr Landry Dr Manchester Dr Chaleur Dr Buffwood Dr Tamarak Dr Louisville Ave Plaza Dr Molino Dr Felicity Dr Monroe St Northeast Dr HACKYOUN ST Jacquelyn Dr Byfaul Ave Heck Young Rd Groom Rd Singletary Dr BROWN RD Nichols St Charry Dr Spur Ln Burgess Dr Azalea Ave Winside Dr Weston St Charles Ave Chipley St Gurney Rd Kennon Dr Baker Blvd Celeste Dr Rolling Acres Dr College Ave Hickory Dr Heath Dr Magnolia Dr Misty Oaks Ave McHugh Rd Alabama St Alabama St Doucer Dr King Charles Dr Roosevelt St Bluff Creek Dr Harding St Richmond St Welcome Hites Dr A & B Seville Ave Hico Dr Burgess Dr Rent Only Chamberlain Ave Hall Dr Felton St Pearce St Van Buren St Anton Ave Kimberlin Ave Allen Ct Morvant Pl Georgia St Fullerton Ave Wisdom Dr Hazeloak Dr Day Dr Dormer Dr Day Dr Country Ln Griffin Ct Husband St Dundee Chapeau Dr Adams St Comite Acres Dr Plank Rd Cypress Dr Shilo Ave South St Scott St Camelia Ave Wilson St Omega Ct Brant Dr Truman St Balm St Shere Dr Welcome Heights Dr Longvue Dr Omega St Valiant Dr Pettit Rd Gwendolyn Dr Carey Rd Loflin Ave Greenwood Ln Southwest Dr Carolyn Dr Ironwood Dr Brantley Dr MYRTLE ST Faith Ave Driftwood Dr Colfax Dr Sandra Dr Grant St Tristian Ave Juno Dr Polk St London Dr Gayden Ave Cypress Wood Dr Jupiter Dr Daniels St Richmond St Biscayne St Core Ln Truth Dr Manhatten Dr Chapeau Dr Arkansas St RABEL ST Celeste Dr Algoa Ave Washington St Evans Dr Clermont St Center St Buffwood Dr Harding St Chemin Dr Dyer Rd Ruston Dr McVea St Mitchell St Oak Bend Dr Morvant Pl Wimbish Dr Magnolia Dr Tigre Chenes Ct Jefferson St Kent Dr Boxwood Dr Debra Dr Blackwater Rd Exeter Ave Wingfield Ave Clark St Alba Dr Maureen Dr Tigre Chenes Ct Paulfor St 1339 Louisiana Avenue Patricia St Ray Weiland Dr Shilo Ave Sunshine Dr

70807 Baton Rouge Lake Crest Maryland Scotlandville Woodaire Gore Rd Mills Ave Hunt St Avenue K 2229 S Elm Grove Pl 70th Ave Avenue L Stanocola Dr Mayhaw Dr Sussex St Avenue M Rachael Ave Kildeer St Dixon Ave Sachet Ave Mumford Dr Bertha St Burt St JENKINS DR Leisure Rd Andover St 79th Ave 72nd Ave Gassie St Baranco St Candace St Palmyra Dr Littlewoods Dr Appleton Ave Cormorant St Rebecca Lynn Ave Gregworth Dr Kitty St Cambridge St Marsh St 10888 Scotland Ave. Saint Irma Lee Way Davenport Ave WILBUR ST Constance St Wren St Success St Bittern St Scaup St Helene St Townsley St Layton Ave Plymouth Dr Kitty St Pintail St Cambridge St Palmyra Dr Bourgeois Dr Brock Pl Cunard Ave Heron St Birchwood Dr Ridgecrest Dr Lark St Scotland Ave Yorkshire St Gore Rd Thelma St Crestview Ave Cambridge St Powers St Baynard St Merganzer Ave Woodcock St Grebe St Gibbens Rd Tanner St Somerset St Sharon St Progress Rd Finch St Crane St Jordan St Catherine St Chinn St Nottingham St Flicker St Pryce Dr Kaufman St Key St Harding Blvd Williams St Edwin St 74th Ave Curlew St Wall St Middlesex St Cambridge St Stanocola Dr Gibson Ave Emile St Jolson Dr Blount Rd Wetherill Dr Benton Ave Brock Pl 68th Ave Central Rd Camphor Dr Brock Pl MAPLEWOOD DR BENTON DR Avocet St Sanchez St Osprey Ave Ronaldson Rd Veterans Memorial Blvd Doverwood Dr AVENUE E SCOTLANDVILLE LN Littlewoods Dr Sara Pkwy Elmgrove Garden Dr Sparrow St ELM GRV LOCAL 10109 AVENUE B P O B Gibbens Dr KINGFISHER AVE Palmyra Dr Teal St Littlewoods Dr K Gordon St Lakecrest Ave 68th Ave RR 5 Queens Dr Goode St Oriole St Cardinal St Thomas Rd 75th Ave Rosenwald Rd Bon Crest Ave Blanche Noyes Ave Zerlee St Goudchaux St  Lark St Sparrow St Coot St Bowman Ave Varsity St Teal St Marci Ct King St Plover St Camden St Almond Dr Avenue A Egret St Thelma St Ern Ave Tbd Southern Ave Fairchild St Century Ave Elmer Ave Saint John Ln 72nd Ave 69th Ave Avenue B Inge St Leonidas Dr Silverwood Dr Cypress Glen Ave Owl Ave Brock Pl McBan Cir 70th Ave Fraternity St Fairchild St Canada St Elmgrove Garden Dr Elmgrove Pl Elmgrove Pl N Elmgrove Pl S Elmgrove Pl W Kingfisher Ave Pembroke St Kingston Dr Scenic Hwy Kerr St Avenue C Mallard St 74th Ave Almond Dr Snipe St Fairchild St Village St Badley Rd Hastings St Woodpecker St Harding Blvd Lewis St Desoto Dr 74th Ave Turnley Dr Plantation Dr Brashears St Avenue D Balsam Ave Littlewoods Dr Mills Ave Elmer Ave 77th Ave Kerr St Whitfield St Carver St Avenue E Stilt St Muse St ELM GROVE DR Sora St SORA ST SCOTLANDVILLE LN Mensia Pl Avenue F Dove St Brig General Isaac Smith Ave Duck St 2860 72nd St Eagle St Hallmark Dr Robin St Avenue G Bayberry Ave 71st Ave Tallow Dr Rosewood St Mt Pleasant-Zachary Road Highway Scenic Gardens Ave Rivercrest Ave Simms St Jay St Littlewoods Dr Avenue H Southern Ave Chuck Yeager Ave Monte Sano Ave Goose St Avenue I 78th Ave Devall Ln Jones St Swan Ave Standard St Avenue J Hillcrest Ave Fairchild St Scenic Hwy Brooklawn Dr Felton Clark Dr Alsen Heights Pkwy Glynn Rd Edgar St McClure St Greely Rd New Rafe Meyer Rd Clark Dr Old Rafe Meyer Rd McCastle Ave Dotson Ave Lincoln Dr Scenic Hwy Northgate Ct Northgate Ct Northgate Ct Joe Louis Ct Springfield Rd 73rd Ave Northgate Dr Rafe Meyer Rd Abraham Dr Saint John Ln Curtis St Netterville St Cypress Dale Ave Gatebriar St Alsen Heights Pkwy Plymouth Dr CATHERINE ST Jolson Dr

70811 Baton Rouge Brownsfield Comite Estates Greenwood Kleinpeter Oakgrove Estates Sunnybrook Zion City/Howell Harding Heights Winside Place Yorkdale Sharon Hills Harding Heights Greenwood Estates Greenwood Glen Oaks Gibbens Place Fortune Addition Fortune Forest Heights North Brian Estates Bryan Estates Rickover Dr Chablis Ave Branchwood Ave  Elder St Laredo Ave Santa Cruz Dr Sunshine Park Ct Saint Francis Ave Betty Smothers Ave Bliss Rd Glen Oaks Dr Willow Springs Ave Corlett Dr Cedar Glen Dr Yorkdale Dr Albatross Dr Winchester Ave Saint Gabriel Ct Princess Ct Carlene Ave Saint George Dr Halsey St Cagle Ave Holly Fern Ave Joor Rd Yorkdale Ave Greencrest Dr Hooper Rd Meadow Ave Crown Ave Sumrall Dr Greendale Dr Peerless St McClelland Dr Cypress Rd Nimitz St Hickcock Dr Watts Rd Beechwood Dr Djuanna Dr Barbara Cohn Pl Cody Dr Banbury Ct Homewood Dr Northampton Dr Sharon Hills Blvd Sharon Hills St Clearview Ave Ash Dr Brownfield Dr Palomar Dr Junelise Dr Price Ave Malcolm Dr Upland Ave Cooper Dr Juarez St Sunrise Dr Stearns St Lola Dr Northdale Dr Peyton Dr Arena Dr Capistra Dr Kleinpeter Rd Oak Fern Pl Cortez Dr Green Acres Dr Baja Dr Fieldcrest Dr Pine Island Ave Dawncrest Dr Timberlane Ave Breeden Dr Devore Dr Jessie Ave Myrick Ln Troy St Dianna Dr Windcrest Ave Saint Lawrence Dr Tuttie Dr Silverleaf Ave Belvin Ave Toria Ave Charlene Dr Foster Rd Odessa Dr Cody Dr ALDRICH ST Sunshine Ct VANDERBILT DR Newsom Dr Northampton Dr Gov Claiborne Dr Velie St Shasta Ct Marionette Dr El Scott Ave Paige St El Scott Ave Ridge Dr Essex St El Scott Ave Foster Dr Saint Mary Ave Summer Place Ave Guice Dr Monarch Ave Anderson Ave Flintwood Ave Brownfields Dr Jewel Dr Greenlea Dr Plank Rd Gov Beauvais Dr Gov Blanchard Dr Gov Davis Dr Gov Derbigny Dr Willowood Dr Gov Nichols Dr Gov Pleasant Dr Gov Sanders Dr Gov Wickliffe Ave Perimeter Dr Plank Rd Guynell Dr Leadale Dr GOVENOR WICKLIFFE AVE Saint Ann Ave Foster Rd Truman St Tidecrest Dr Highland Gardens Rd Celia Ave Green Gate Dr Governor Pleasant Dr Granberry Dr Chisholm Ave Blue Grass Dr Saint Paul Ave Leafwood Ave Cefalu Dr HARDING BLVD Oakwood Dr Lacey Dr Frank Ave Regatta Dr Engleswood St Meadowdale Dr Ellen Dr Saint Peter Ave Strauss Dr Park Ave Palace Dr Caprice Ave Palmer St Saint Pius Ave Modesto Ave Mickens Rd Modoc Ave Oaklon Ave Mable Dr Celia Dr Laredo Ave San Juan Dr Overland St Clark St Forest Park Dr Crown Ave Fresco Bend Dr Santa Barbara Dr Packard St Saint Claude Ave Cody Dr Packard St Angles Ave Cadillac St & B El Scott Ave Rosario Dr Thomas Rd Ford St Sunshine Rd Lot 3a & B Regatta Dr

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