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January 26th, 2017

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Why Your Marketing Could Be Failing

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As content media becomes the primary source of communication between home buyers, real estate professionals, mortgage lenders and general contractors, whether it be for social conversation or showing off your listings, being able to market your business successfully on the web is crucial. 

This is particularly true of small brokers shop and start-ups, who might be utilizing trial and error techniques and facing difficulty hitting the sweet spot to get on page one of all the major search engines. If you’re wondering why your online marketing efforts might be failing, keep reading. 

You Let SEO Overshadow Quality Content 

Although SEO is important, honest marketing requiring a fair bit of technical flair, your main objective should be to provide relevant content that matches the expectations of home buyers in your market area. Becoming a member of FHA 203K Network Bloggers lets you avoid having to be an SEO geek and paying high prices for page one ranking.  Focus on what you do best; creating home ownership opportunities!  As a network member you get to focus on your creativity and can forsake the demand of working on keywords.

Your Google+ community and blog should be the first point of contact for home buyers, and we make sure it is by creating interesting post; easy to navigate icons that point home buyers to our local Google+ communities where our network members can get social with home buyers. 

You Try To Be A Jack Of All Social Channels 

This is a common mistake, given the proliferation of social channels and platforms, each catering to a different type of social need.

It’s tempting to want to maintain a presence across all social media; however it’s not always the best policy.  As a network member we’re always checking out what platforms home buyers are surfing to get your messaging out and why we’ve selected platforms like Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Consider the functional aspects of The Home Buyer’s Korner, whether you are a small real estate broker, mortgage lender or general contractors use Twitter for immediate customer interaction, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook for promotions and our Pinterest Home for Sale Boards for your listings. Most of all do all of it with a WordPress blog

Your Blog or Website Doesn’t Meet User Expectations 

The ultimate goal of online marketing is to drive traffic to your blog or website, boost conversions and ultimately closed listings. If your blog or website isn’t up to par, you probably aren’t able to generate that hoped-for traffic. Becoming part of The Home Buyer’s Korner puts you on page one of Google search by posting in our Google+ community. 

Your Engagement Efforts Lacks Consistency 

Many of us in the real estate profession fail to regularly focus on our online marketing efforts and that only creates missed opportunities to engage home buyers and refinancers. Avoid a strategy where you have a sudden burst of activity followed by a period of muteness.  Home buyers will probably choose not to follow you if you don’t post at least once a week. Test out different niches in your market at different times to discern the where, what and when of the engagement strategy best suited to your target market. The internet is littered with abandoned social media accounts created by real estate professional whose enthusiasm waned before any real following could be built or leveraged.  I’ll bet most of you reading this post have a WordPress blog and forgotten the password.

Know The Difference Between Social Media Engagement & Spam 

Many of us use Email marketing through platforms like Constant Contact; LinkedIn; or Facebook as a primary strategy, but in reality your messaging is getting to a very small network.  What you should be doing is posting on our local and national Google+ communities, that way you reach to most interested audience.

Your Marketing Teams Do Not Collaborate 

Online marketing demands that there is constant interaction between different teams, departments and even government agencies, such as compliance, marketing and licensing requirement for advertising. Have a well laid out plan for your social media and create new opportunities, so these different elements can work and be managed in tandem. When setting up your social media create a culture of collaboration and consultation between your different teams. Devise an all-rounded plan and communicate this to all teams involved in order to ensure everyone is on the same page and working with mutually beneficial strategies. 

Your Budget Didn’t Add Up To Your Ideas 

Your ideas are huge, but your budget isn’t.  Before Google+, SEO companies had a noncompetitive advantage and charged large fees to get your online presence noticed on page one of Google Search. The Home Buyer’s Korner has incorporated Google+ and creating communities for our network members to capture that ranking. 

Getting Your Marketing Right 

Social media is a journey of learning and where everyone is going.  Try to fix the little things and note what’s going right before scrapping your current strategy and going for a complete revamp.  With the advent of Google+ all you need to do is a little tweaking and posting to get noticed by home buyers in your city.  Call us if our strategy and price point is right for you.


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