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December 7th, 2015

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When You Share Content, Who Benefits?


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Content media marketing {blogging} through social media networks are by far the best way to build your brand and connect with would-be home buyers and sellers. Building a large fan base and generating more “Likes” and shares can be a challenging task, whether you’re part of a large organization or a small broker office, but it’s not as challenging, if you have a good strategy and support. With a little effort, there are many effective ways to increase your social media presence on LinkedIn, Facebook and the new giant for business Google+.

Here are a few tips to help you on your way:

Create and share interesting and valuable information about your real estate listing, mortgage program or recent property improvements and you’ll be pleased how our communities bring out the best about your marketing. Cater to your audience and include information that is relevant to your profession. Include eye-catching visuals to help draw in your audience. Content and social media marketing with photos gets many more likes than the average post and more than doubles your engagements. Video marketing can really take you over the top and it’s also very easy to do, once you understand the basics, like what is a green screen is and how do I use it? Of course, compelling content will hold readers’ attention and something we can assist our members with from time to time. Regardless of what portal you choose to engage home buyers, be it a blog, video marketing, or just sharing your listing, be sure to include a good backlink to your social network and call-to-action to increase click-through to your website.

Stay engaged in your Google+ communities, LinkedIn groups, Facebook fan page and groups throughout the week, and be sure to join ours. Ask questions and always respond to comments made by your audience in a timely manner. You might find it best to post on your G+ Business page and share to your communities. Doing so will direct any comments and G+ post to your Gmail Social folder and appear on your G+ Business Page. 

Sharing your listings, interesting posts or tips that pertain to your listings are great, but don’t forget that posting about the neighborhood is equally important.  People live in more than just houses, they live everywhere around it, so be sure to include what’s happening down the street and around the corner. Bookmark HOA webpages and other local service provides, as you come upon them to help keep your blog current. 

One huge mistake I see it all the time with content being shared ineffective posting from other social media outlets that doesn’t lead back to you, but directs your post and ultimately the reader to the original content provider.   It’s great to share and what social media is all about, but how you do it is equally important! If you don’t have a blog and simply post something from some other source outside your network, where do you think the reader ends up at? I can assure you it isn’t in your sphere of influence.

Having at a minimum a WordPress blog gives you the ability to share in much the same way you’re doing now on Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, and Google+, but having a blog allows for your own call to action, and makes your content long lasting on Google search when shared with our network, as well as keeping our readers in your sphere of influence. Remember, our network is about you and your services. If you’ve decided our type of marketing is your thing, then make sure to employ your own blog as soon as possible. Doing so insures readers stick with you and you don’t redirect them to other social platform that doesn’t include you.

Content readers are a fast moving group, and as fast as they can click, they equally forget how they got somewhere.  Keep them personally engaged by trying to always back-link to your social media and professional network, where you can. To do that, you need a blog or at a minimum Pinterest, but a blog is by far the best.

Do yourself a favor before and learn about creating your own WordPress blog. If the professional versions of WordPress looks little too much, right now – they have a free version you can explore with. 

Pinterest is a great new tool I’m using a lot these days for both sharing other content, but more importantly, I’ve included it in my local Google+ communities where network members can re-share their property listings and some much more.  Readers not only are able to save content by following a pin, which is what Pinterest is all about; it also allows you to keep the reader in your sphere of influence. 

Once you’ve learned just how easy WordPress is, you can create your own.  It’s going to be the most effective way to engage would-be home buyers and could-be seller in 2017. 


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