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February 15th, 2013

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Why Buying Real Estate Can Be A Smart Financial Move 

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Buying real estate not only gives you a place to live; it can also be a very smart financial move. This is because just about everyone has to contribute something to their shelter.  Owning a home can be like having an unrealized savings account that renting simply doesn’t create.  

Consistent Saving On Autopilot. Sometimes saving money on our own each month is difficult. It takes a lot of discipline to maintain a consistent savings plan.

However, paying your mortgage every month means that you are paying down the principal and building equity, while working toward eventually owning the property outright.

In the early years of the mortgage, the payments will go primarily to the interest on the loan, but over time the portion of your payment is dedicated to principle increases and how you end up with a home free and clear of any liens.

Make Yourself Wealthy Instead Of Your Landlord

In the long term, owning your own home may be a much better financial arrangement than renting a home. No matter how long you pay monthly rent, you will never own the real estate that you are living in.

When you are renting your home, it may also be possible for your landlord to increase your rent every year.

On the other hand, paying a mortgage on your real estate means that every month you get closer to owning the home.

With today’s ultra low mortgage rates, taking control of your long term budget with a fixed rate mortgage you get a sense of control over how much you are paying every month, year to year. 

Real Estate Has Always Increased In Value Over Time

Over the years, your home will appreciate in value. Many experts say that the average home value increases each year over longer stretches of time, although this will vary according to the area you live in, the current economy and other factors.

Your home’s value may fluctuate throughout the years, but history has shown that over the long term, buying a home can be very beneficial.

Understanding the benefits of home ownership, including the potential financial upside of purchasing your home can be an excellent way to further your overall personal financial plan.

So, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a home, you’re going to need a great real estate agent. They’ll hear what you and what your family is looking for in a home; a nice place to raise your family; good schools, shopping, entertainment, employment are just a few things to consider when buying a home.  

Once you’ve found the right home to make an offer, your agent will research the property more to make sure you’re making the right decision, based on what you are looking for in a home.


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