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April 27th, 2015

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HVAC Inspection & Maintenance

map-of-air-movementOnce you purchase a home you’ll need to perform some regularly inspections just like the maintenance man did at your apartment. Doing so helps to prevent unexpected repairs and keeps your home’s equipment in good working order. At least annually, take a moment to inspect your HVAC unit.

Heat Pumps have become common in many newer homes and many more have air conditioning units with auxiliary heating. Whatever it is, take a few minutes to check yours out and make sure it’s in good working order.

A heat pumps if you have one is great equipment since it has a reversing valve and can go from heat to air conditioning when needed and an energy efficient item. The more commonly installed equipment is a condensing unit, which is often located outside and a furnace inside with an evaporation coil and elements for your heat.

Whichever unit you have, there are simple checks you can do when to keep your unit working properly. On any outside unit make sure it’s level, free of any debris and have the coils cleaned at least every two years. When you do it will it keeps the Freon circulating at maximum efficiency and allow the unit to run cooler. When the coils are clogged it creates high head pressure and restricts the Freon from moving between the coils can and not only can damage your equipment, but will increase your energy bill. 

Don’t forget to inspect the unit inside the home. It might be in the garage mounted on the ceiling, attic, or maybe a closet, depending when the home was built. If it’s a new model it should have an audible alarm in case the drip pan drain is clogged and if it’s an older unit perform a regular inspection to ensure it isn’t clogged and any excess water has a free flow to the exterior of your home.

Don’t forget to change yours filter about every three months or whatever is recommended by the manufacture. If the previous home owner didn’t leave a copy of the maintenance guide with the unit, check for a manufacturer guide online. The filter is a source of allergen collections, keeping it clean also helps to eliminate dust from collecting on the motor or swirl cage blower. When you’re purchasing a home, hopefully, you’ll have a home inspection. If you do, ask the inspector to pay close attention to the equipment and provide you with general maintenance instruction in their report.  Finally, consider hiring a reputable professional to perform regular maintenance checks to make sure everything is in good working order and to vacuum the ducts every so often.



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