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November 2nd, 2014

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Home Improvement Ideas Using Pinterest

Bedroom LED LightingThe best rewards after a long day is coming home to a place you can call your own and allows you to enjoy your own personal space. When you look around, do you like what you see? Do you feel like you have to change something?” If it’s taking you too long to find an answer, then maybe it’s time that you actually change something. Turns out, you are not alone. Many home owners’ want to re-model. Part of the home upgrade includes improving the look, feel, flow and layout.

Research proves more and more home owner would rather cut back on vacations and big purchases than delay home improvements. That is because the home tells a lot about who we are. You don’t want to look at it and get all frustrated. So, work on things that need a touch-up. You will be surprised at how many essential parts of your home you should reassess and be surprised with what big difference a little makeover makes. DIY home decor is big business.

The clarity and brightness of natural daylight is hard to replicate, but not impossible. Dump those bulbs that don’t do anything and transform the hue and intensity of your home by getting the perfect lighting.

Lighting a house with LED is not so much a choice as a necessity. Here are a few rules to follow to achieve variation and texture. First, remember to use the right type of light fitting in the right position. Second, remember to get the correct balance between task and mood lighting. Light in the kitchen should be different from the bedroom. And finally, use the art of shadow and reflection to get the scheme and depth you want. 

BathroomGo for classic and timeless home designs. Make sure that the pieces you choose will be so enduring that when you look at it in the future, you feel like it’s been renovated just recently. Don’t go for fad and never mind the talk about the “color of the year” or “must-haves for the year.” Go back to the basics when it comes to design inspiration for your home. Utilize natural resources like wood, brick, natural fibers and tile, instead. Invest in style and function. The bathroom should be a place to relax. It is everyone’s favorite “me time” hangout. Don’t put away empty or old bottles of shampoo; throw them away. Same goes for soap and conditioner you took from hotels. Don’t clutter your sink, or the cabinet with creams you don’t even use. Hang towels and magazines and use an organizer for small things like pins, cotton swabs, and other bathroom essentials. 

Security 1In a recent report, an estimated 697,979 were stolen. And no, it doesn’t matter whether it’s parked in a garage or your driveway. Safety in the driveway is often overlooked, but very important. Never underestimate security!

Set up an alarm system to drive away burglars and intruders. Driveway entry alarms are easy to install, maintain and are relatively cheap. Wireless alarms are fairly popular now and some may even be connected to the internet that you can access from anywhere with a connection.

Aside from the driveway, make sure that all entrances in your house are secured. The FBI estimated more than two million burglaries in 2010 and most of them are forcible entries or by breaking windows or picking locks. In America, burglary happens every 15 seconds. A good home alarm system is a good deterrent as statistics show that homes without them are 300% more likely to be broken into.

Never let your guard down and protect everything you’ve worked so hard for by making home security a priority in your home renovation list.

Kitchen StorageAnother problematic area in the home kitchen is storage. Where do you keep all jars and bottles? Well, you don’t have to worry about limited storage spaces. Get rid of non-functional containers. Choose cabinets that slide out so you won’t have to use a flashlight again in a fruitless search. Insert drawer dividers for tiny objects. Hang aprons, pot holders, and dish towels on pegs. Remember to store items by use.

closetFace it, closets are always in need of organization. The general use is to use all available space wisely. For starters, keep out-of-season clothing away and get rid of those that you are not likely to use again.

Install a second closet rod above your main one and double your hanging space. Use extra shelving, clear boxes, and organizers for shoes and accessories. Hang scarves on towel racks and use hooks for belts and jewelry. 

A good home improvement does not need to be pricey. Sometimes, all it means is to a little decluttering and organization. Invest in good things that last and don’t pull from trends too often. Most people don’t have the luxury of space, but with a few renovations an experienced general contractor can help you locate the space to organizes you never knew you had.


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