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July 16th, 2014

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Energy Efficient Renovations

energy efficient bathroomMost home owners these days look at their wilted lawns and either hate yard work or water rationing, which has become a common factor in everyday life. Home owners on the east coast have been feeling what the west coast had been experiencing for some time; we have seen our lakes dwindle into ponds. Many of us didn’t get it at first; we complained about watering restrictions, but as droughts expanded across the country everyone has come to realize that maybe we needed to adapt.

When the realization of water conservation sunk in, Americans began looking for ways to change. Obviously, we watered our lawns and gardens less and maybe we stopping letting the faucet flow when we brushed our teeth, but we knew that wasn’t far enough. We needed to look for and remedy the true water wasters and we need to start with the biggest water guzzler of them all, the bathroom.

From toilets to tubs, we use around 60% of our household water supply in the bathroom. Don’t worry though; there are a few changes each of us can tackle that can dramatically reduce consumption and use simple ways to finance those changes with a FHA 203K, HomeStyle Renovation Loans or the Energy Efficient Mortgage Programs.

Inefficient Toilets — Toilets guzzle nearly 27% of your household water supply every year. Older homes often have toilets that average nearly 3.5 GALLONS PER FLUSH! If you have one I suggest you get shopping.  Newer low flow toilets consume less than a third of that outdated guzzler your have now. In fact, if you toilet is using more than 1.6 GPF then it is time to make a change.

Wasteful Showers —Showers can also be huge water wasters. Some systems can actually use 60 gallons per minute or more. Federal guidelines for a single head shower require 2.5 gallons per minute or less and you can take it even further by get purchasing new shower heads that only use 1.6 GPM.

Water Heaters — On average households waste 6.35 gallons of water per day waiting around for the water to heat up. Tankless/On Demand water heater eliminates the wait and you might even qualify for federal and/or state tax credits when purchasing one.

Faucets — While making water saving changes be sure to increase efficiency at the faucet. Most faucets run about 2.2 GPM or less, but newer models use an average of 1.5 GPM.


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