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March 28th, 2015

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Eco-Friendly Home Improvements

Buy Smart ~Join the KonversationAre you a home buyer who’s been looking at older homes and thought about ways to make one you like a bit more eco-friendly? The first thing to know is you’re automatically approved for an energy efficient mortgage when securing an FHA, FHA 203K, VA, USDA or FNMA home loan. When you choose any of these home loans your lender can provide a substantial amount of additional funds for energy efficient improvements for your home, but you have let your lender know early in the process to get an energy efficient mortgage and they’ll be happy to supply you with a list of items you’ll needed to provide before submitting your loan request approval.  

Depending upon the time of year, windows have an impact on both heating and cooling costs. In the summer, older windows can drastically heat up a home causing cooling costs to skyrocket. In the winter, older windows can leak cold air within the home and let out the heat, which causes the heating costs to rise as well.

A simple replacement of older windows can save a home owner as much as 30 percent on annual energy costs, as newer windows are more efficient. Combining a window upgrade with other energy-related changes can lead to even greater savings. Consider installing a ceiling fan in rooms that are generally occupied, such as the living room or family room. Ceiling fans help circulate cool and warm air and help to reduce energy use.

During the colder months, use as much solar heating as possible. Open up curtains, and trim trees to allow for natural light to enter the home. The sun heats up the home through radiant heating, which is an effective and essentially free source of energy.

A home that is properly insulated will help to preserve its heat and cool air. Heat can leak out from the home through cracks, but it can also occur through convection heating. The air within the home will eventually cool down from a steady decline of heat when the heat is transferred outside through the walls.

Beyond hot and cool air leaking out from the home, each room within the home can indirectly influence the temperature in adjoining rooms. This is especially true for the garage and any room that shares common walls. By using insulation in the garage, the home may cool down by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

In terms of a thermostat, a “smart” one like the Nest Thermostat can be installed. Use of one can cut energy costs by 20 percent, at a minimum, by simply adjusting to the home owners’ schedule.


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