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January 26th, 2017

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Social Media that Works

G+ Content Marketing & Social Media = SEO

Although networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have been around longer than Google Plus, that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. While Google is still experimenting with different ways for Google Plus like activity to influence their search results, it’s clear that Google Plus marketing is going to have a huge role in search engine optimization (SEO) for the foreseeable future. Since Google has made it clear that their network is  to stay, let’s take a look at five different tactics you can employ to increase your influence on Google Search.

Have a Great Profile and Business Page

When someone visits your profile or business page for the first time you want them to be drawn to what they see. Not only do you want it to be visually appealing, make sure it has plenty of information, so both home buyers and home sellers know your niche. Although you don’t want to copy exactly what anyone else does, feel free to look at the profiles and communities of real estate agents, mortgage loan officers and general contractors for inspiration.

Be Active With Your Sharing

Now that we’ve taken the steps to be a page one Google search content and social media community for real estate agents, home builders, mortgage loan officers, or general contractors, a big part of a successful SEO Google Search marketing is actively sharing content. While this component is crucial, plenty of people make mistakes in regards to it.

For example, there are lots of individuals who think they should only share content from their own website, if that’s you, consider sharing your content on platforms you contro, like – LinkedIn/Pulse, SlideShare,  or other platforms such as Pinterest. Having a Pinterest account allows you to share valuable information both home buyers and home sellers need to know, while keeping them closely connected to you.

Know How to Utilize Circles & Collections

This ties into the previous point of social sharing. If you’re trying to spread your influence among multiple target audiences, the Circles and Collections feature of Google Plus can really help out. By taking the time to organize people in logical groups, you’ll be able to control who sees different pieces of content you share. This will make it possible for you to share a lot without worrying about clogging people’s feeds with posts they don’t really care about.

Take Time to Hang Out

Hangouts has been retired.

Because Google Plus Hangouts make it possible to communicate with multiple people via video calls, this can be a great way to really boost engagement. However, I have to admit Google needs to work on its Hangout platform, so I’ve been using platforms like Skype.

Add Value with Your Comments

When you write a comment on any of our network communities, think of what you can do to really add to the conversation. By spurring new thoughts with home improvement ideas or what’s great about a neighborhood, you’ll find that the the right people who follow and interact with you. 

Developing a truly effective Google+ Social media marketing strategy is something that takes time.  Fortunately, we’re taking that time for you and delivering your message on page one of Google search with our Google+ communities.  By if your employ all the tactics we covered into action, it won’t be very long until you start seeing noticeable results from your content and social media marketing efforts.


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