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March 2nd, 2017
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Marketing your website is the first step in generating the traffic necessary to generate your own leads. Simply put, the number of leads you generate is directly related to the volume and quality of website traffic you are able to generate. Our organic SEO/SEM uses our well established social networks to increase your search engine rankings, which in turn drives traffic.

The amount of leads you generate is directly related to not only the volume and quality of the search engine traffic you generate in our highly ranked social media network, hosted on Google+ and are closed communities. Understand the realities of generating quality content, local social media leads, and how to actually turn those social engagements into clients is an orchestrated process.

Allow me to debunk some common myths about real estate lead generation with content and social media marketing, while providing you with tips to improve your real estate lead generation and SEO ranking with easy-to-use marketing strategy.

Imagine you’re a Millennial, who just landed a new job and searching for a place to call home in New Orleans.

What do they do next?

Most likely they’ll search on-line for all types of housing options and explore local neighborhoods. Picture your webpage at the top of the organic results. Voilà, instant prospects!

While page one visibility is one step closer to your desired sales conversions, there are many more pieces to the puzzle than simply good search results. These days that comes from social media and content marketing that educates and inspires would-be home buyers and sellers.

Let me share some of my hard earned wisdom by debunking a few myths about lead generation with content and social media marketing.

New Orleans LA Real Estate Social SEO

Everyone begins with that ideal image of their website listed at the top of Google’s search results. Many think it’s easy to get to the top of search engine results and vaguely understand organic search engine optimization (SEO). “All I need do is create some great content, provide a few high quality links, and choose the correct keywords, right?” Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, but we solved that part of the puzzle by getting our Google+ communities highly ranking on Google search, and offer them as closed communities – allowing you to focus your attention of attracting home buyers and seller, rather than focusing on “keywords”,”algorithms”, and of course, search engine optimization or SEO.

Getting your website or any part of your social network to page one of Google search is far from “quick” or “easy”. I spent years posting content daily, but along the way I gathered over 165k loyal followers. Many of which are would-be home buyers and sellers, while our social network also include a large following of real estate professionals, mortgage lenders, home improvement experts, and countless industry professionals across the country.

I believe in Big-Seed marketing. It beats viral and why I encourage my followers to post regularly in all our social platforms. Duncan Watts, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research, has been studying the sociology of networks for decades. His notion of big-seed marketing suggests that a message can spread faster and more systematically if it is “seeded” among many people and that’s what we’re all about and why we’re highly ranked on Google search. That differs sharply from the viral approach, which attempts to create an “epidemic” of interest through a few targeted influencers, who spread a message among the people to whom they are connected. If those connections fail to pass on the message, it soon peters out

Big-seed marketing is more reliable than designing content that mimics the qualities of talking dog videos in the hope of going viral. Companies like BuzzFeed have used the big-seed model to create successful news websites and advertising businesses, and now we’re creating an even better model with our national and local Google+ communities for real estate agents, home builders, mortgage lenders, and general contractors. The takeaway for real estate industry professionals is obvious; study the principles of big-seed marketing and apply them by seeding and backlinking within all our social platforms.

If you take the time to care for your website, blog, and social network; while providing your visitors with exactly what they are seeking – you will get good local results from our social platforms. 

Slidell LA Real Estate Social SEO

Would-be home buyers and sellers who come to your website from our Google+ communities and greater social network generally want to see what they searched for, while having access to user friendly tools and high-end content. If they like what they see, then they’ll check out your Google+ profile, business page, or any collections you made, and if you optimized your social present to engage and educate, it’s likely many will opt-in to your lead generation platform on your website.

If you don’t have the information, resource, or tools they are looking for to find or sell their home, then you can bet that they will be moving on, so make sure put as much effort into making your website look professional as you would do for yourself before meeting a client. Take some time and look at your blog, plugins, and all your social profiles to make a great first impression.

While we’re on the topic of “you”, its a good idea not to make your website all about you. Include your personal information and qualifications in the “About” section of your website, but don’t clog up your homepage.

If you have a WordPress website, many of the IDX plugins to showcase featured listings really is the best way to introduce your product, yourself, and website. While we’re on topic about listings – because most of us can’t afford those million dollar villas, consider tweaking your plugin to showcase homes priced more to your target audience affordability rate. You’ll attract a lot more property views by doing so.

Professional photos of yourself and your staff are extremely important, and will help your web visitors feel more welcomed and connected to you, but your facial images should not be the most prominent thing on your website.

Focus your website around useful content, featured listings, recent before and after projects, user-friendly home search tools, educational resources, and strong calls to action to create a winning formula for quality web lead generation.

Baton Rouge LA Real Estate Social SEO

This is a very common disbelief among not just real estate agents, but many home builders, mortgage lenders and general contractors alike, who lack experience with online marketing that lead generation trumps lead managementYou might have 400 leads, but if only eight convert. That’s only a two percent conversion rate, and hardly enough to support what you are here for. Conversion rates this low usually lead to a poor lead management systems.

Avoid this mistake by guiding each visitor all the way through the conversion funnel, and always use and keep your social engagement updated.   Once you get visitors to your website and are able to get them to provide their contact information, your creativity and hard doesn’t stop there.

Segment your web leads by any and all information you have collected about your prospects – source, location, interest, stage, etc. Once your lists are segmented, then create social communications to these lists that specifically target each of these segments.

Don’t give up on a lead or disregard it just because it is “cold”. Cold leads become “hot” leads at some point, especially on social media – they may not be responding yet, but you can believe they are watching on their social feeds. 

Hawaii Real Estate Referral Network SEO

There it is, remember there are many pieces to the puzzle of mastering your leads generation efforts, and our social media network is here to help.

While, content builds trust and establishes you as an authoritative industry resources, it also gives you opportunity to constantly grow your social sphere – which will become yet more opportunities for new and repeat clients for years to come. 

Successful lead generation, management, and organic search engine optimization (SEO) comes from ongoing processes, hard work, and not just some off the cuff social burst of energy that doesn’t have a continued and sustainable follow through. So, If you’re looking for a trust social network to help you deliver a powerful message, you found us!


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