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May 18th, 2016

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Vieux Carre/French Quarter

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The median real estate price in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana is slightly less than $458,400, which is more expensive than over 99 percent of the neighborhoods in the state and more than 87 percent of the neighborhoods in the country.

The average rental price in French Quarter/Vieux Carre is currently $1,475 a month, and the average rental cost in this neighborhood is higher than over 95 percent of the neighborhoods in Louisiana. Most of the residential real estate is renter occupied

French Quarter/Vieux Carre is an urban neighborhood located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and real estate is primarily made up of small studios and two bedroom to medium sized three or four bedroom single family homes and other multi-family option like condominiums, town homes, and apartments. 

Furthermore, the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood is very unique in that it has one of the highest proportions of one, two, or no bedroom real estate of any neighborhood in America. Most neighborhoods have a mixture of home or apartment sizes from small to large, but here the concentration of studios and other small living spaces is at near-record heights. With over 86 percent of the real estate here of this small size, this most assuredly is a notable feature that makes this neighborhood unique, along with just a handful of other neighborhoods in the country that share this characteristic.

Many of the residences in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood are relatively historic, built no later than 1939, and in some cases, quite a bit earlier, while a number of residences were built between 1940 and 1969.


Second Home/Vacation Living

Vacant homes or apartments are a fact of life in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood and the current real estate vacancy rate here is near 50 percent. This is higher than the rate of vacancies in nearly 99 percent of all neighborhoods in America. A relatively large percentage of housing here is seasonally occupied at almost 27 percent. Despite all of the residential real estate here in the French Quarter/Vieux Carreneighborhood, much of it is vacant. In vacation areas like New Orleans, this naturally occurs because homes and apartments are seasonally occupied, and empty for a portion of the year. To understand the neighborhood vacancy rate in how it affects your home buying or selling option, consult your real estate agent.

The way a neighborhood looks and feels when you walk or drive around it, from its setting, its buildings, and its flair, can make all the difference when choosing the right neighborhood to call home. This neighborhood has some really cool things about the way it looks and feels.

Corner bodegas, stores on the first floor and apartments above, former grand Victorian residences converted into apartments, three-deckers built shoulder-to-shoulder, duplexes. Such building types define the real estate by neighborhoods dominated by small two, three, and four unit buildings. Many are in older core neighborhoods of New Orleans. If you’re romantic about the look and feel of such neighborhoods, with fresh pizza, falafel and an independent florist on the corner, then you might find the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood worth a closer look. This neighborhood is an absolutely outstanding example of the dominance of small two, three, and four unit buildings compared to neighborhoods across the nation, as they make up a substantial portion of this neighborhood’s real estate stock. In fact, no less than over 37 percent of the real estate here is made up of such dwellings, which is higher than in almost 96 percent of all neighborhoods in America.


French Quarter Mar 21, 1953

french-quarterIf you find historic homes and neighborhoods attractive, love the details, the history, and the charm, then you are sure to be interested in Vieux Carre/the French Quarter.

A dominant feature throughout the neighborhood is the stunning architecture. Balconies adorned with intricate ironwork, courtyards filled with lush greenery and beautiful fountains showing this neighborhood’s European roots.

The majority of the architectural design is the handiwork of the Spanish who ruled and rebuilt the city after two overwhelming fires in 1788 and 1794. Many buildings don ceramic plaques informing visitors of the street names during Spanish rule such as Calle de Bordon.

With nearly 93 percent of the residential real estate in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood built no later than 1939, and some built considerably earlier, this neighborhood has a greater concentration of historic residences than almost all other neighborhoods in America. In this regard, this neighborhood truly stands out as special.

Today’s French Quarter/Vieux Carre, which Adrien de Pauger laid out in 1722 (Pauger’s Plat) certainly looks like a rigid Bourg absent of any ambiguity, and in terms of the street layout it was. But as a cityscape, early New Orleans had organic edges. Rear blocks remained forested in the early years, and most actual settlement clustered around the place d’armes and the Mississippi River. The urban fringes were barely distinguishable from the wilderness beyond the fortifications – which themselves were rather desultory, until a century later when new blocks replaced them.

Today, most New Orleanians see those additions – the 100 and 1300 blocks – to be “in” the French Quarter. Yet they were not in the original Bourg, nor were any of the blocks riverside of what’s now Decatur Street, which lay mostly in the river in the 1700s. To add more elasticity to our seemingly rigid grid, the 100 blocks today are outside the jurisdiction of the Vieux Carré Commission, the city agency charged with protecting the historic district, but inside the state-legislated French Quarter Management District. Riverside areas and the 1300 blocks, meanwhile, fall within both jurisdictional footprints. There was a time in the 1950s, when parts of Royal and North Rampart streets were excluded from Commission jurisdiction, only later to be reinstated. So where exactly is New Orleans’ first neighborhood, this epitome of spatial order? And what shall we call it – the Vieux Carré? French Quarter? The Quarter? The one neighborhood comes the closest to having clear boundaries and an official name has, in fact, neither.

One of the first things that you may notice if you moved to this neighborhood is that over seven percent of the households are same sex couples and an indicator that this neighborhood is likely an LGBT friendly neighborhood. If you are looking for such a neighborhood, the Vieux Carre/French Quarter neighborhood should definitely be on your list of places to consider.


Bicycle Routes

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Over 45 percent of residents in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood still enjoy walking  to work each day, and if you’d like to be able to ride your bike to work you are in good company here in the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood. We enjoy being on foot in New Orleans, so if you are attracted to the idea of getting a little exercise of the two-wheeled type, while reducing your carbon footprint, bicycling to work might be the answer. Which neighborhood you live in can make this either impossible, or alternatively, a great and realistic option. The French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood, it’s a fantastic option, so join the six percent of residents here who ride their bikes to and from work on a daily basis. 

In the French Quarter/Vieux Carre neighborhood, many people’s commutes mean walking from the bedroom to the home office, with 13 percent of residents working from their home. Often people who work from home are engaged in the creative or technological economy. Other times, residents are engaged in businesses like trading stocks from home, or running a small boutique or bodega.


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70441 70443 70449 70453 70462 70706 70711 70726 70744 70754 70785 Denham Springs Arnold Place Arpad Hon Ashland Plantation Ashley Heights Audubon Trace Audubon Village Autumn Run Bayou Vista Beau Chene Beau Chene Beau Village Beaver Creek Acres Subdivision Beechwood Ridge Belfair Belle Rose Belle Terre Bennett Place Brackin Bram Village Brigette Place Broadmoor Brown Road Acres Bruces Harbor Butler Caleb River Cottages Canaan Land Carlton Oaks Carter Hills Carter Plantation Cella Gardens Charrise Place Cheray Place Chinquapin Isles Chipola Choctaw Acres Clearlake Cockerham Acres Coleman Town Collins Place Colonial Cove Colyell Colyell Bay Campsites Cornerstone Estates Country Acres Country Club Terrace Country Crossing Creekside Estates Crestwood Crossroad Estates Cypress Gardens Cypress Park Estates Cypress Point Dave Clark Deepwoods Deer Creek Acres Denham Chase Dennis Mills Destinys Acres Dixieland Dodge City Driftwood Estates Duff Village Dunn Park Lane IV Eagle Acres Easco Acres Easterly Farms Easterly Lakes El Elyon Equestrian Estates Estelle Estates Evangeline Trace Fairhope Fairway Estates Fairway View Falcon Heights Falcon Wood Falconcrest Fleur Gardens Forest Ridge Fountainbleau Foxboro Heights Genre Place Glendale Glenwood Gravesbrier Place Gray’s Creek Greensburg Greystone Country Club Subdivision Hammack Estates Harrells Ferry Landing Heritage Estates Hidden Creek Hidden Oaks Highland Park Highland Ridge Highland Woods Highpoint Plaza Holden Hunstock Hills Hyde Park Idlewild Jack Allen Road Acres Jan Mar Place Jones Estates Juban Acres Juban Courts Condominiums Juban Crest Juban Parc Jubilee Estates Justin Heights Kemberly Heights Killian Kings Point Marina Kings Village La Rouge Place La Trace Lake at Gray’s Creek Lake Pointe Lake Rosemound Lakeland Acres Lakes at Belle Terre Lakeside East Lakeside Estates Langston Acres Lansford Park Laplace Linda Lee Linder Road Estates Little Farms Live Oak Live Oak Acres Live Oak Landing Live Oak Village Livingston Livingston & St Helena Parishes Livingston Trace Louisiana Trace Lynda Lee Madeline Place Madison Place Magnolia Estates Magnolia Farms Magnolia Garden Maurepas Meadow Circle Meadow Lake Meadow Lakes Meadow Wood Park Mecca Merryland Mike and Pat’s Park Montpelier Netterville Nola Norhtside Village Northdale Addition Oak Hills Estates Oak Landing Oak Place Old Live Oak Oldfield O’Neal Place Otts Cove Our Lady of the Lake Livingston Paradise Lakes Pecan Creek Perkins Crossing Pine Bluf Estates Pine Bluff Acres Pine Forest Pine Meadows Pine Ridge Pineridge Pirie Landing Plainview Plantation Estates Plantation Garden Homes Plantation Lake Plantation Park Port Vincent Preston Point II Princess Place Quail Creek Quail Run Reinninger Farms Ridgeland River Pines Plantation River Run Estates Riverscape at Clio Riverside Ridge Robinwood Rolling Fork Acres Rolling Meadow Saint Helena Parish Sandalwood Estates Sandy Ridge Sara Estates Satsuma Satsuma Savannah Scivicque Place Secret Garden Seigle Village Selman Subdivision Shadow Springs Shamrock Plaza Shelley O’Neal Shelly O’Neal Estates II Shelly’s Homesites Shelly’s Woodland South Haven South Park South Point South Woodcrest Spillers Ranch Spring Lake Spring Ranch Springfield Springville Hills Stone Bridge Stone Hill Summer Run Summerfield Sweet Pea Acres Tall Timber Taylor Terry Harbor The Edmonds The Havens The Lakes at North Park The Quarters at Suma Crossing The Reserve at River Ridge The Vineyard The Willows Tickfaw Tickfaw’s Broadmoor Tranquility Lakes Community Twin Oaks Farm Village at Jude Lakes Vincent Place Walker Walker Collins Place Watson West Colyell Acres West Colyell Acres Westminster Estates Whispering Pines White Hall Wiillow Pointe Wildwood Acres Willow Bend Woodcrest Woodcrest II Woodland Crossing Woodland Trails Wyndham Estates

70401 70403 70422 70436 70442 70444 70446 70453 70454 70455 70456 70466 Hammond Acola Akers Amite Fluker Husser Independence Kentwood Liuzza Farms Loranger Montpelier Pine Grove Ponchatoula Robert Roseland Tickfaw Uneedus Wilmar Adams Addition Amite Arbour Trace Ard Subdivision Arnold Addition Ashton Heights Audubon Lakes Audubon Trace Autumn Trace Azalea Wood Barber Addition Bedico Meadows Bedico Trace Belle Foret Bellewood Bienvenu Blaire Blaire Village Blairwood Estates Blossom Creek Blossom Ridge Blythwood BonAire Brakenridge Subdivision Brenton Place Bret Strahan Briarwood C’est Si Bon Cate Addition Cayman Key Chateau Farms Cherry Park Estates Cherry Park Subdivision Claiborne Oaks Clinton Court Coleman Park Coles Creek Coles Creek East Coles Creek Extension Coles Creek Village College Park Subdivision College Town Subdivision Collin Heights Colonial Place Colonila Place Copper Hill Country Acres Country Club Estates Country Club Gardens Country Club Vista Country Estates Country View Courtyard Townhomes Condominiums Courtyard Villa Condominiums Creekside Creekwood Crepe Myrtle Estates Cross Creek Cross Creek Townhomes Cypress Cove Cypress Ridge Estates Deer Creek Doe Run Dunson Park MHP East Gate Townhomes East Ridge Ave Eastern Heights Eastgate Townhomes El Rancho Elmwood Park Elmwood Park Gardens Emerald Estates Emerald Gardens Flora Park Fluker Forbes Farm Forbes Farm Forest Grove Fox Hollow French Quarter Estates French Quarter Subdivision Gardens at Elmwood General Ott Estates Glen Oaks Green Acres Greenville Park Happywood Heatherwood Heritage Estates Hidden Pines Highland Acres Highpoint Gates Hilly Acres Estates Hoffman Court Holly Ridge Houltonwood Farms Husser Hyer Survey Independence Iowa Iowa Addition Ivy Springs Jackson Jefferson Court I II III IV V Jenkins Place Kellie Estates Kentwood Kin Tally Subdivision La Polo Farms Lake Orleans Lakewood Lakin Ridge Logan Creek Longue Leaf Loranger Loranger Trace Lorilen Madison Trace Magnolia Bend Magnolia Crossing Magnolia Ridge Martinsville Estates Michelle Park Milan Village Montpelier Mooney Addition Nature’s Trace Nicholas Point Oak Creek Oak Knoll Oak Ridge Estates Olde Mill Oller Heights Park Place Pear Ridge Subdivision Pecan Ridge Pine Grove Pine Hill Forrest Subdivision Pine Ridge Addition Pineywoods Condominiums Pleasant Ridge Subdivision Pleasure Ridge Pleasure Ridge Ponchatoula Ponchatoula Trace Quail Creek Subdivision Rabbit Run Regency Estates River Birch River Crest Riverbend Estates Robert Robinwood Roe Estates Roseland Selman Subdivision Shadow Creek Shadows South Ridge Southwood Ridge St Charles Place Sterling Estates Sterling Estates Strawberry Estates Strawberry Fields Estates Sunny Acre Sweet Williams Acres Sweetbay Acres Tanho The Camellia The Garden District The Meadows The Parc Tickfaw Timber Ridge Timberland Subdivision Tranquility Lakes Community Twin Lakes Estates Uneedus University Place Vaccaro Park Subdivision Victorian Oaks Villa West Subdivision Wadeberry Wedgewood Subdivision Wellington Estates Subdivision Westdale Subdivision Western Acres Westwood Village Whispering Wind Estates Whitmar Acres Woodbridge Subdivision Woodhaven Acres Woodlake Estates Woodland Park Plan Woodlands Subdivision 

70420 70426 70427 70431 70433 70435 70437 70438 70445 70447 70448 70450 70458 70460 70461 70471 Abita Heights Abita Lakes Abita Oaks Abita South Abita Springs Estates Abita Springs Terrace Abita Springs West Abita Woods Estates Abney Abney Country Air Acadian Gardens Acadian Estates Air Abney Country Alamosa Park Estates Alan Park Alexiusville Alton Anchorage Condominiums Angie Annendell Apple Pie Ridge Arbor Walk Ashton Oaks Ashton Parc Audubon Lake Audubon Trail Audubon Trails Audubon Audubon Place Autumn Creek Autumn Place Avery Babingston Barbara Place Barkely Parc Barkers Corner Estates Bascle Estates Bayou Cache Bayou Cyprain Bayou Gardens Bayou Lacombe Manor Bayou Lake Bayou Liberty Estates Bayou Oaks Bayou Paquet Bayou Rouville Bayou Vincent Bayou Vista Beach View Beatty Acres Beau Arbre Beau Chateau Beau Chene Beau Pre Beau Rivage Bedico Creek Preserve Beechwood Gardens Belair Subdivision Belle Acres Belle Pointe Belle Terre Belle Terre Acres Belvedere Beverly Heights Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Annex Big Branch Black River Estates Black River Forest Bleu Lake Blue Haven Bogalusa Bogus Glen Bon Village Bonfuca Bossier City Boston Commons Bradford Place Bradford Row Condominiums Brady Island Brady Subdivision Breckenridge Brentwood Briarwood Terrace Brier Lake Brookstone Brookwood Brugier Addition Brugier Camden Ridge Cannons 100 Carolyn Park Carrage Lane Castine Point Castle Manor Causeway Gardens Centennial Park Central Park Chamale Chamale Cove Charleston Square Chateau Estates Chateau Village Chenel Farms Cherry Creek Cherry Hill Chinchuba Chinchuba Creek Gardens Claiborne Claiborne Oaks Clipper Estates Coin Du Lestin Coldwater Creek Condominiums Colonial Village Confederate Place Cornerstone Country Club Estates Country Manor Countryside Covington Covington Estates Covington Meadows Covington Point Creek Run Creekwood Crestmont Vista Cross Gates Cypress Bayou Cypress Lakes of Oak Harbor Cypress Park Dalecrest Deer Run Del Oaks Del Sol Dellwood Deval Deval Estates Sites Dominion Doubloon Dubois Plantation Eagle Landing Eagle Point Eden Isles Elysian Acres Emerald Creek Emerald Oaks Enon Erindale Heights Estates of Northpark Executive Estates Fairfield Oaks Fairway Garden Homes Faubourg Coquille Fisherman Haven Fleetwood Fleur De Lorraine Flower Estates Folsom Fontainebleau Forest Brook Forest Glen Forest Park Fountain Estates Fox Branch Fox Hollow Franklinton French Branch Garland Glendale Heights Farms Glenwood Glenwood Acres Glenwood Acres Annex Golden Glen Goodbee Grand Champions of Oak Harbor Subdivision Grand Lagoon Condominiums Grand Oaks Grande Maison Grande Terre Green Woods Greenleaves Greenleaves Colony Greenleaves Lakes Greenleaves Oaks Greenleaves Trace Greenleaves Village Greenwoods Guste Island/The Pines Haaswood Hackley Harbor Oaks Condominiums Harborview Village Condominiums Heart of the Forest Helenberg Heritage Heights Hermadel Hermitage on the Lake Hickory Hills Hidden Acres Hidden Creek Hidden Pines Hidden Springs Highland Oaks Highland Park Plaza Highlands Hillcrest Hillcrest Country Club Estates Hollycrest Honeysuckle Estates Howze Beach Hunters Glen Huntwyck Huntwyck Village Indian Point Indian Trace Ingram Estates Ingram Estates Jahncke Landing Keeneland Place Loop Kensington Estates Kimberly Manor Kings Forest Kingspoint Subdivision La Polo Farms South Lacombe Acres Lacombe Harbor Lacombe Manor Lacombe Park Lake Choctaw Estates Lake Garden Lake Ramsey Lake Village Lake Vista Lakeshore Cove Lakeshore Estates Lakeshore Village Lakeside Village Lakewood Lakewood Northshore Laurel Oak Laurel Wood Lazy River Estates A3 Lees Creek Legacy Estates Les Bois Lewisburg Lexington Place Liberty Acres Liberty Landing Liberty Pines Lindberg Glen Litolff Little Addition Live Oak Hills Lordscourt Louisiana Polo Farms Madison Farms Madison Harbour Madison On The Lakes Madison Ridge Estates Madison Villas Madisonville Oaks Madisonville On Lake Madisonville Estates Magnolia Forest Magnolia Heights Magnolia Ridge Mailleville Maison Du Lac Mandeville Mandeville Annex Maple Ridge Maplewood Park Marigny Trace Marina Del Ray Mariners Cove Mariners Village Masters Point Meadow Acres Meadow Lake Meadowbrook Meadows Merrywood Estates Military Heights Mill Farm Estates Money Hill Monterey Montgomery Terrace Moonraker Island Moorings Condominiums Morgan Bluff Estates Morgan Estates Mossy Oaks Natchez Trace New Golden Shores Nidda Normand Oaks Normandy Oaks North End North Forest North Oaklawn North Shore Beach Northridge Estates Northwood Village Oak Alley Oak Grove Estates Oak Harbor Inlets Oak Harbor Masters Point Oak Harbor/Mariners Cove Oak Harbor/The Fairways Oak Hill Estates Oak Island Oak Knoll Oak Mill Estates Oak Ranch Oak River Estates Oaklawn Oaklawn East Oaklawn Park Oakmont Oakridge Old Golden Shores Old Landing Old Mandeville Old Mandeville Woods Old River Estates Olde Town Olde Towne Orleans Annex Ozon Air Ozone Acres Ozone Heights Ozone Park Ozone Pines Ozone Place Ozone Woods Palm Courts Palm Lake Palm Plaza Par Du Lac Park Place Pearl Acres Pearl River Pearl River Estates Pearl River Trace Pecan Grove Pelican Estates Penn Mill Lakes Penns Chapel Place Peters Bend Campsites Pine Pine Creek Pine Forest Pine Grove Pine Park Pine Ridge Pine Shadows Pine Shadows Pine View Heights Pinecrest Pinehurst Pineland Park Estates Pinewood Estates Piney Ridge Piney Woods Piney Woods Marina Pirates Harbor Pittman Place Point Carr Ponchitolowa Ponderosa Ranch Pont Lake Estates Pontchartrain Oaks Estates Port Louis Sv Post Oak Landing Powell Heights Prevost Addition Pruden Creek Quail Creek Quail Ridge Quail Valley Raiford Oaks Ramsey Estates Ravenwood Red Gap Acres Regal Park Ridge Wood Rigolets Estates Rio River Club River Forest Estates River Gardens River Glen River Heights River Isles River Oaks River Oaks Estates River Park River Trace Rivercrest Riverforest Riverforest Country Club Rivers Bend Riverwood Robert Park Romano Roosevelt Park Estates Rosedown Rouville Royal Estates Royal Gardens Ruelle Du Chene Saint Tammany Parish Saleman Addition Sandstone Lakes Resort Sandstone Lakes Savannah Trace Sawmill Creek Secluded Estates Settlement Shady Lake St Estates Shady Oaks Shamrock Village Sierra Ridge Simalusa Estates Singing River Slidell Slidell Heights Slidell Manor Southdown Southwind Spanish Trail Highlands Sportsman Park Spring Haven Spring Lakes Spring River Park St Gertrude Heights St Tammany St Tammany Gardens Sterling Oaks Stone Lake Estates Stonebridge Sugar Mill Summerfield Estates Sunrise Park Sunset Park Tagalong Tall Timbers Tallow Creek Tammany Forest Tammany Hills Tammany Park Tammany Terrace Tanglewood Tantella Ranch Tchefuncte Club Estates Tchefuncte Harbour Townhomes Tchefuncte South Tchefuncte Trace Techefuncte Park Terra Bella Terra Mariae Terrace Park The Birg Boulevard The Bluffs The Garden Walk The Inlets The Landings The Mansions The Moorings The Nest The Oaks at Taylor Farm The Port The Reserve The Sanctuary The Savannahs The Timbers The Village The Village at Guste Island The Woodlands The Woods Thelma Estate Thomas Three River Heights Three Rivers Timber Branch Timbercrest Timberlane Timberlane Subdivision Timberlane Tolawa Place Tranquilty Treasure Island Turtle Creek Tuscany West Tuscany West Estates Tuscany Estates Uranium Park Versailles Victoria Park Village Acadian Village Gurthrie Village North Village of Guthrie Village Square Village Trace Villages at Bocage Waldhiem Estates Warnerton Wedgewood Farms Weldonpark West Morgan West Oaklawn Westchester Weston Glen Westwood Whippoorwill Whisper Pine Whispering Forest Whispering Pines Whispering Timbers White Oak Estates Willow Bend Willow Wood Wimberly Estates Wimbledon Windstone Wing Haven Wisteria Witteborg Farms Woodcrest Woodhaven Woodlands Terrace Woodridge Woodstone Subdivision

70704 70714 70739 70770 70786 70791 70801 70802 70805 70806 70807 70808 70809 70810 70811 70812 70814 70815 70816 70817 70818 70819 70820 70836 70441 70443 70449 70453 70462 70706 70711 70726 70744 70754 70785 70401 70403 70422 70436 70442 70444 70446 70453 70454 70455 70456 70466 70420 70426 70427 70431 70433 70435 70437 70438 70445 70447 70448 70450 70458 70460 70461 70471