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January 26th, 2017

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Baton Rouge

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Baton Rouge (French for red stick) is a relatively large city located in the state of Louisiana, with a population of nearly 229,000 people, 79 neighborhoods, and many more subdivisions, condominiums and PUDs. Projected population figures show that Baton Rouge will have a phenomenal growth in future decades, and one can only guess what Baton Rouge will be like tomorrow, but from all accounts, it seems certain that the future will be bright.

Baton Rouge is the second largest community in the state, and real estate is some of the most expensive in Louisiana, although Baton Rouge house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the country, and one reason it’s considered a vibrant and affordable place to live for Millenials, babyboomers, and seniors alike.

From its origin as the site of a Native American village, through many years as a sleepy river town, Baton Rouge has emerged as a major educational, governmental and industrial center of the south; Baton Rouge truly is a city of change and diversity. Baton Rouge is the state and parish seat of government, the key industrial city in the area and the center of an immense chemical and petroleum complex on the Mississippi River.

The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (Ryan Field) is served by four major airlines. Rail service is provided by five railroads. The expanding Port of Greater Baton Rouge ranks in the top ten among the major ports of the nation and second in Louisiana.

The Baton Rouge area, also known as the “Capital Area”; it’s a mix of Cajun and Creole Catholics, and Baptists of the Florida Parishes and South Mississippi. Baton Rouge is a college city with Louisiana State University, and other great centers of learning, contributing a large part of the population.

Unlike other cities, Baton Rouge is neither dominated by white or blue collar professions, instead, it’s a mix of both. Overall, Baton Rouge is a city of sales and office workers, professionals and service providers. There are especially a lot of people living in Baton Rouge who work in office and administrative support at over 13 percent, sales jobs at over 11 percent, and food service at over eight percent.

Combining city textures and college town sensibilities, Baton Rouge really has a nice blend of characteristics. While not a huge city, Baton Rouge is big enough to offer a healthy dose of diversion, opportunity, and amenities to its residents and to the thousands of college students who descend on it every fall. The biggest event of the year is Mardi Gras. The largest one being held in historic Spanish Town. Other festivals include FestforAll, Louisiana Earth Day, Pennington Balloon Festival, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and Red Stick International Animation Festival.

Its size and diversity makes Baton Rouge more than just a college town, but removing the students from the equation would undeniably change Baton Rouge’s character and quality of life.

Not only is Baton Rouge a city with many college students, but it also retains many recent graduates who are looking to start new careers, creating a decent-sized population of people who are young, single, educated, and upwardly-mobile. This makes it a good choice for other relocating single professionals. Here, these young singles will find many others like themselves, with opportunities for friendships, socializing, romance, and fun.

In terms of college education, Baton Rouge is substantially better educated than the typical community in the nation, which has nearly 22 percent of the adults holding a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Here in Baton Rough nearly 33 percent of adults have a college degree.

The per capita income in Baton Rouge in 2010 was just under $24,000, which is upper middle class income relative to Louisiana, and middle income relative to the rest of the country.

Baton Rouge is an extremely ethnically-diverse city. The people who call Baton Rouge home describe themselves as belonging to a variety of racial and ethnic groups. The greatest number of Baton Rouge residents reports their race to be Black or African-American, followed by White. Important ancestries of people in Baton Rouge include French, English, Irish, German, Italian, Spanish, Haitian, Jamaican, and Vietnamese.

The most common language spoken in Baton Rouge is English, while some residents also speak Spanish.

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